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    Thanks to Shop.01.media for providing me with the flashcart. Came quickly in good quality

    The Supercard DSTWO comes in a pleasant looking box. The back of the text contains a list of features although it is filled with grammatical errors.
    • Real time functions: real-time save, real-time game guide (txt, bmp, jpg), and real-time cheat.
    • Multi-saves (up to 4 slots), easy to back-up and restore saves.
    • Unlimited microSD storage space support. SDHC support. FAT or FAT 32.
    • Multiple languages.
    • Built-in GBA/SNES Emulator.
    • Action slow motion (4 levels).
    • File management system (copy, paste, cut, and delete). Long file name support.
    • E-book in .BMP, .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .TIF, .GIF, .TXT, and .PDF formats.
    The box contains the below items.
    • DSTWO flashcart
    • microSD card
    • Manual
    • Lanyard (depending on the retailer you bought it from).
    [title:DSTWO Box][​IMG]
    Front of the box
    Contents of the box
    The flashcart itself looks quite sturdy. Apart from the protruding bump (CPU) on the front, the flashcart is almost indistinguishable from a regular DS game cart. It features a spring-loaded microSD slot. The flashcart goes into the DS in an odd manner, though. It takes quite a bit of effort to insert the flashcart as it is a bit too large. The microSD card reader works well for its purpose and does not feature any branding.

    DSTWO Kernel[/p]
    The DSTWO uses a firmware called EOS (Evolution OS). I tested version 1.09 of the firmware. The menu greatly resembles a DSi menu although with a different colour scheme. There are a number of different options on the menu assuming you have installed all available plugins. The list of plugins is as followed.
    • DSTWO iPlayer
    • SNES emulator
    • DSTWO Moonshell V2.10
    • SLOT2-NDS
    • SLOT2-GBA
    • iReader
    The bottom screen on the menu displays the date and you are able to scroll through the menu in a horizontal fashion. To access the settings while in a plugin, one would have to press 'Start'. It is quite versatile as you can cut and paste files, change skins and the language of the menu and add cheats all within the menu. If you dislike the layout of the menu, there are a number of replacements such as iMenu or BAGPlug.

    The DSTWO is compatible with every game I have tried. It also features an ability to bypass anti-piracy in games so that it runs just as it would if you were running from a legitimate game cartridge.
    • Ghost Trick (works)
    • Toy Story 3 (works)
    • 100 Classic Books (works)
    • Backyard Sports Sandlot Sluggers (works)
    • New Super Mario Bros. (works)
    • Animal Crossing - Wild World (works)
    • Mario Kart DS (works)
    • Mario Party DS (works)
    The DSTWO's homebrew compatibility is just as impressive although it isn't perfect.
    • 1943: The Battle of Midway - Pass)
    • AngunaDS - Pass
    • Animanatee - Pass
    • A Touch of War - Pass
    • Blockhead Catapultor - Problems (Random freezing)
    • Blocks Mania DS - Pass# 1943: The Battle of Midway - Pass
    • Alchemist Conflict - Pass
    • AngunaDS - Pass
    • Animanatee - Pass
    • A Touch of War - Pass
    • Blockhead Catapultor - Problems (Random freezing)
    • Blocks Mania DS - Pass
    credit to Another World for conducting this homebrew compatibility test

    The DSTWO is updated quite often by the Supercard team. As it has an AAP feature (anti-anti-piracy), there is not much need for updates. With this flashcart, you will be able to play most games right when they are released. I did have a number of problems with the in-game menu, though. In certain games, the in-game menu refused to boot up although when it loaded, it worked well.

    [title:DSTWO on the 3DS][​IMG]
    DSTWO showing (as Fish Tycoon) on the 3DS home menu

    Pros & Cons (tl;dr)[/p]
    • Pros
    • Lovely user interface that is easy to navigate
    • Real Time Save features
    • GBA/SNES emulator
    • eBook reader
    • Cons
    • Not compatible with some homebrew
    • In-game menu is buggy in some games

    Should I get this?
    Overall, the DSTWO works very well. If you are in the market for a new flashcart, I suggest you get this. It's a great flashcart with an easy to navigate UI! With the ability to play GBA games and SNES games, you won't regret the purchase.

    Score: 9/10
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