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    Nov 11, 2004
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    I got an Omega today, currently copying some libraries to the card I picked up and it dawned on me that I've seen some people comment on one thing, and not another I used to do. Long ago I had the first EZ4 and then the first revision of it (still pre-black shell.) Back then you had to use that app and copy games to it that way and then other apps to make up to 32MB .gba rom clusters of files for emulators like PocketNES and the Goombas.

    I saw this one natively does NES and GB+GBC too covering PocketNES and Goomba Color's last releases. When I looked at the card I'm guessing those emulators are stored within the cartridge itself? What if someone wanted to run a newer version of either emulator? What about if I wanted to use PCE Advance, SMS Advance and so on? Is there a way to feed the emulator the appropriate .gba file in some named directory so it just picks it up? Or will I have to old school compile that if I want to put my PC Engine HuCard library on there for example?

    The company help file isn't very useful other than the menus, and those old emulators existed back when the EZFlash4 was something new to the market so no help there either going over old forum posts from a decade ago like when I was active here.
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    Mar 14, 2009
    You should check the pogoshell thread, I'm currently running .sms, .gg and .sg files from plugins/sms.gba, gg.gba and sg.gba for example. (download smsadvance emulator as usual and rename the gba file to sms.gba for example), the current build currently cannot override the in built emulators for the firmware(the gbc,gb and nes ones), but the person working on it may allow an override if there is interest.
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