Sony Unveils Playstation Home

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    Sony Unveils Playstation Home

    At 10:53 PMT, Sony Exec Phil Harrison unveils Playstation Home, a 3D Interactive Lounge where Users can talk to each other via Keyboard or Voice (using a Bluetooth Headset). Users can create their own character, which is an extension of yourself, which they can customise to however they like. Jeans and T-Shirt or Suit and Tie? While there is a plethora of items to chose from to customise said character, downloads from the Playstation Store will be made available which may be free or at a price.

    Users can create their own room to however they see fit. Want a sofa? Pu a Sofa. Want a Massive Bravia HDTV? You've got it. While nothing is confirmed, one can assume these features will either be paid for via an in-world currency (similar to Second Life) or for a small real world fee. Your Room is private, an invitation only area.

    With Playstation Home, it's not all about letting just the Users have their own way. Developers and Publishers can have their own areas which they can utilise to their own needs, whether it be posters which shamelessly plug their wares or massive TVs in rooms which can host hundreds of users to show off their latest trailer.

    However, don't feel left out. Do you have any pictures or videos on your PS3 Hard Drive? Well now you too can share this content in your own little space. You may select a video from your hard drive and display it on your TV, allowing your own little showings with users of your choosing (or anyone!).

    Playstation Home will expand, it will become a massive world full of Playstation Users.

    Speaking personally, I sincerely hope that users will eventually be able to create their own clothing and their own furniture using some sort of SDK. I'd really love to see this being implemented. You could even potentially sell this off or donate to others. The possibilities are endless in my opinion.

    Playstation Home is free and will be available in Fall.

    Source: SD6 Novus
    Video: Game Trailers
  2. Sc4rFac3d

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    Whoa, that pretty much smacks any competition in it's face, good thing I preordererd mine. [​IMG] I hope they will get some real cool brands into this, clothes would be nice. And imagine how pets could be! [​IMG]
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    That sounds nice and all, and might actually be cool if sony can pull it off. But to me it just seems like sony is doing whatever they can to try and get people to buy there system now that it's not selling so well. [​IMG]
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    Meh doesnt really appeal to me at all but I can see it being a big hit for those that like YouTube and all those sort of things, me I prefer my cup in a ball.
  5. 111111111

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    Jan 8, 2007
    Sounds pretty pathetic really - for people with no real life to have a pretend online one.
  6. ShadowXP

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    ...and the point of this is?

    They're just extending on Nintendo's Miis.
  7. Azimuth

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    Feb 23, 2006
    this is just a straight rip off, second life is exactly like that
  8. Dirtie

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    So people finally gave up on real life... What a bleak future...
  10. Elrinth

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    Nov 6, 2002
    yeah.. I thought this was awesome aswell...
    Invite over your playstation3 friends in-game to listen to YOUR music or watch YOUR movies! Now if that's not awesome, then I don't know what is.
    I wonder how long the procedure to actually get friends over to listen compared to shoutcasting music with ur computer.

    Oh and that new game Sony announced looks terrific. Nice graphics, fantastic physics and the gameplayer actually looks fun! [​IMG]
  11. The Teej

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    "They're extending on Mii"
    "This is like second life"

    Well, while they may be extending on or being like other things, are any of these things actually doing what Sony is doing, or are they as good? If any of the following answers are no, then please, be quiet.

    If Nintendo or Whatever noobs making SL were THAT good, they would of beaten Sony to the punch and did it already. The only problem is that they haven't and now everybody's going "OMG THAT IS SO LIKE CREATING A MII", when actually, 3D character creation has been around since oooh I dunno the THE 20TH CENTURY?

    And, quite clearly, if any of you actually watched the video, would realise that this isn't a second life imitation. The purpose of second life is to live out a second life, where as this is an extension of yourself, a 3D Chatroom with a 3D Profile Space.

    EDIT: Nevermind the fact that Playstation Home completely owns the shoddy graphics of Second Life.
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    I love the networking capabilities of Playstation Home. It looks great. This is not just a virtual chat room but a place to meet up with friends on the other side of the world and listen to music together, play PS3 games together and much more.

    I'm very impressed with Sony on this, things are starting to turn around.

    It also makes me even more annoyed with Nintendo because they will never ever make a communication or networking based game/app for the Wii (outside of friends). Which really shits me to say the least.
  13. [M]artin

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    Nov 7, 2006
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    Sony finally does something right. Let's hope they can keep going in this direction...
  14. Deadmon

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    Nov 8, 2002
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    It's pretty interesting, but it won't have an effect on me to get a PS3 yet..
  15. Costello

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    Oct 24, 2002
    I like the idea. Does anyone know IMVU? The PSH idea reminds me of it... and it's pretty good.

    I am under the impression that they haven't really invented anything here, no new concept or anything. But is it what we expected from Sony?
    I as a consumer personnally don't care who had the idea in the first place as long as it's good [​IMG]

    However it doesn't change the fact that I will never spend 600€ on a video game console [​IMG]
  16. Suzaku X

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    Well it's not like the Wii or DS were "inventive", even though people constantly go on and on about Nintendo's "originality" when it comes to them.

    Touch screens have been around for ages; you can buy tablet PCs and stuff, and it's basically the same concept. Motion-sensing games have been around for a really long time, in fact, back in the mid-late 90s, Tiger released a bunch of handheld motion sensor games that became a bit of a fad, (sports and fishing type games).

    So, why when Sony comes out with something new, or takes something to the next level, people go, "pfft, ripoff, it's been done before", and so on, but when Nintendo does the same thing, people praise them? When color television came out, did people say, "Hah, they're totally ripping off black and white television?"

    It's also not like Second Life was the first or created the concept originally. It's just an extension of things like MMORPGs, which came from MUDs, and chatrooms, which go back to message boards, and mailing lists, and phone calls, and letters.

    It's called progress.

    Also, according to what I've read, PlayStation Home has been in development for over 2 years (it's already in closed beta testing, and will be in open beta in April). That would make it kind of hard to be a ripoff of Mii. Same with the SIXAXIS controller, people call it a ripoff of the Wii, but if you look at the copyrights, they have been developing those controller since before the Wii's motion sensing capabilities were announced.

    Frankly, if Sony pulls it off well, this could have infinite amounts of potential. Imagine going into Home, and going to, say, the Square-Enix lobby to watch trailers of the latest games, obtain virtual collectables and clothing to customize your avatar and HomeSpace, or even to download games. Imagine not just the potential for gamers, but for companies and marketing. It's a varitable goldmine.

    Also, I'm absolutely in love with LittleBigPlanet. Of all the things that would make me want a PS3, I thought it would be games like FFXIII and MGS4. I didn't expect a cute and quirky looking sidescrolling platformer with heaps of originality to show up and kick my ass like that.
  17. khameleon

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    Dec 31, 2006
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    Sony has been working on this for 2.5 years. They didn't copy Mii, LOL!!!

    Mii is nothing compared to this.

    This is not for losers that have no life. Its for people that play online. You can meet up with people and then join games with them, share your top scores, play arcade and parlor games, etc. Its also for people that like things such as myspace and youtube and like to share user created content, show off pics, etc.

    It has everything Wii and Xbox360 have online at least, but its taken to the next generation. Xbox360 users all brag about "you have achievements" in the 360 version..." well that is nothing compared to what Home offers.

    I have been disappointed with the PS3 up to now as there was only one good game and not much more. But, now it looks like they will once again rise to the top once their games start rolling in and this "Home" is released.

    Wii will still have the better motion controller for now, and it is very, very fun. I played Wii more than my Xbox360 and PS3 combined for the past copuple months. But, in the long run I think Sony is working very hard on things like Home and much more to keep it #1.
  18. Sick Wario

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    Jul 24, 2006
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    i looked at the screens, and noone can deny sony just tried to combine miis + xbox live + second life

    'home' looks like secoond life with sony branding everywhere.
    besides, is wandering around a virtual apartment really what you ps3 owners want to be using a $600 console for?
  19. Neko

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    Man , i hate sony !

    But it sounds like the thing i have ever wanted but if i look at the price of the PS3 i could [​IMG]

    It's so damn fucked up that they steal every thing -.-

    Motion Gamepads (lol , they can't even copy it right and then say the complete feature would not be Next Gen LOL )
    Mii's sort of
    Then Virtual Live = Second live
    and many more ...

    But if they would sell the ps3 cheaper i probably would buy it (if it's under 299 € [​IMG] )


    I hate sony for ripping of my money.
    I think i should just steal one , like sony does steal everything else [​IMG]

    Yes i will steal me some , just need some more Ninja Lessons [​IMG]
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    Best feature I've heard of so far [​IMG]