Sony reveals details about its next home console

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    They'll use the same tricks and more to get 8k out of the ps5. As most people won't have an 8k TV anyway, it doesn't seem like a huge problem anyway
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    Actually it improved a gazillion times even though I havent done it BECAUSE, even in the menu with nothing open and basically nothing installed sometimes the PS4 Pro has a HUUUUGE lag, same happens on my friend's PS4's, I dont even remember ever my PS3 or Xbox360 ever lagging in the menus like this, it gets completely screwed and doesnt open anything... and it specially goes to shit when installing updates\games, sometimes even a god damn 1GB update stays more time installing than to download, it takes 4 ever that is even stupid, that is in the HDD, that usually makes the console slow and sometimes freezing for like 30 seconds, my old PS4 latest version before the slim, non Pro also did the same...

    With the SSD I think that problem doesnt happen and most games that take almost 5 min see a huge improvement, though yes its not like how thay are claiming in the PS5 loading in just a a second vs 15 on spiderman, I don't think a PS4 Pro with a good Sata III SSD would go that far, but also we have to remind memory bandwidth and CPU counts too, some times its not even HDD\SSD related even though the SSD always improve quite a bit...

    Old AMD cores even in the PC will take a huge time to load some games too no matter if they have SSD, though usually most games that take me long to load in my PC usually load a bit faster on the PS4, because its a gaming only console that is made basically to just load the game and not much else (off course depends a lot on the game since some also load way faster in the PC), and my PC is still from 2011 too so yeah...
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    I assume they will sell it for $400-500 with loss per console? I mean they business model sure too heavily-skewed at live services right now. First party games being discounted on par price with $20 indies.
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    Are you telling me you don't enjoy paying for P2P multiplayer?
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    100% wired, microwave-free gaming (with bundled wired-capable controllers and a real 'airplane mode' toggle for all.

    That means the choice to have no bluetooth runnng in the background at all. This was a choice that was taken away from us in the last generation consoles and it continues to this day. We can game microwave-free on PC by disabling wifi and bluetooth and plugging in a wired controller. Why can't we do that on the consoles?

    Wifi/Bluetooth exposure is harmful, particularly for the young playing for long hours.
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    the tech is the ps4 was dated when it was put out. ps4 pro was as well. this will be bleeding edge (amd bleeding edge, in particular). and that 7nm proces, plus that refined architecture, is going to make for some 5-6x magic you're not expecting.
    I have a few problems with that article, as it assumes a few things not in the papers they cite, like cancer from cellphones due to radio (which has been debunked well enough). Really, if radio signals (which are what wifi and bluetooth are) cause problems, people who work at radio stations should be at higher risk. unless it's only these specific frequencies, but you'd have to explain the mechanism allowing those particularl frequencies to do something and not the others. don't see this. those papers do seem legit, though all the papers i searched for showed no problems, including mothers and development of children. so at most it's contentious how it affects children and not adults. this is just a few minutes of research though, I'll do more later.

    oh, and WHO and european union assume everything is a carcinogen and it has to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to not be in order to be removed. i think their list of non-carcinogens is less than a dozen. the european union also has a problem with gmos, so what do they know.

    ....but I'm all for options. over-saturation of a frequency can cause tech issues, so I agree. Should be an option.
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