Sony Missed Launch Targets?

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    "Customers who want a PlayStation 3 will probably wait and buy more games for their PlayStation 2, Mitchell said in an interview."

    ``If there is a substitution, it would be more for the Xbox 360,'' Mitchell said. ``Demand for PS3 is from hard-core gamers, who wouldn't opt for a Wii. It's not an alternative to PS3.''

    Anyone else sick of the if you like nintendo your not a hard-core gamer? I have owned nearly every console since the magnavox oddessy (still have it). I have hundreds of games that I still own. To me hardcore is more about recognizing good games more than being able to follow the rest of the sheep because someone tells you something is good. It seems the general perception is that prettier is better, better advertised is better, and if endorses it, it has to be good. Of course the playstation phenomena isnt new, I can rememer debating the merits of the Colecovision over the Atari 2600 and Intellivision, but it seems like the first time in console history where the sheep militantly take sides and delcare themselves the only true gamers. Give me a break...if your really a hard-core gamer your going to have more than one console anyway.

    I will admit the PS3 is the first console I havent even thought about buying, but its more of principals thing than any denial that the platform wont have good games.
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    (Semi-off topic in regard to blueraja's post)

    Who cares whether you're a gamer or not... why are people always trying to identify with stereotypes? I'm me - nothing else. I am (more or less) unique. Be people's definitions, I might be whatever - I don't care. I do what I like (i.e. play games) because I find it enjoyable, not to to align my personality with others. Where it's of importance, my personality stands on its own. If you have to look to stereotypes for guidance, I'd say you've yet to find the defining qualities of yourself.