Sony may be sued over limiting its digital game sales exclusively to the PlayStation Store


Sony is set to possibly face legal troubles, regarding how it handles digital game sales. A class-action lawsuit is in the process of being filed, attempting to take action against Sony's alleged monopoly over digital game sales on its platform. In 2019, the company stopped allowing retailers to sell digital vouchers of PlayStation Store titles, and according to the lawsuit, this means Sony can charge whatever it pleases for its games, potentially hurting consumers due to a lack of market competition.

Sony's monopoly allows it to charge supracompetitive prices for digital PlayStation games, which are significantly higher than their physical counterparts sold in a competitive retail market, and significantly higher than they would be in a competitive retail market for digital games.

The suit also alleges that there have been instances where consumers have had to pay 175% more for a digital copy than a physical one. For right now, the class-action lawsuit is only being proposed, and if it moves forward, it'll be filed in San Francisco, California, under the case of Caccuri v. Sony Interactive Entertainment, in the US District Court of Northern California.

:arrow: Source: Bloomberg


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Aug 1, 2019
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Ran horribly on consoles???? what?? Have you never played the XB360 version??? It runs great from what I remember!
bro the x360 version framedips HAAARD. PS3 version is better because it runs at 60fps, but that's not saying much seeing as how it still has the same framedips
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  • SylverReZ @ SylverReZ:
    That sums it up right.
  • Megadriver94 @ Megadriver94:
    I am not it the loop on this, why take it so personally, though? Its just a video game and a work of fiction, at the end of the day.
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    I'm sure the devs don't mind refunding my .torrent for it
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    @Megadriver94, because these devs take child hood movies and make them look like shit expecting to profit off it
  • SylverReZ @ SylverReZ:
    @K3N1, That's what happens to every movie franchise.
  • Megadriver94 @ Megadriver94:
    Oh alright then, I can see what you are getting at.
  • Sonic Angel Knight @ Sonic Angel Knight:
    Sunday.... sunday dessert night :ninja:
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    With unreal engine their should be no excuse to make any animated figure look like complete shit whent hey have rights to it
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    The voice actor sounds like he didn't get casted for a tim Burton movie
  • linuxares @ linuxares:
    but you got to pay for the elvish voices
  • linuxares @ linuxares:
    and emotes... in a singleplayer game...
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Damn the rights to LOTR is like all over the place lol
  • SylverReZ @ SylverReZ:
  • SylverReZ @ SylverReZ:
    At least we can point and laugh to an indie game that is not worth playing.
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Last I read Amazon owns some rights you'd think a billion dollar company could fork more over for a decent game but their last game bricked GPUs so theirs that
  • linuxares @ linuxares:
    Be an e-commerce. Build a game that destroy the GPUs. Sell new GPUs. PROFITS!
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Don't forget your 4090 we promise the next LOTR MMO will make it work for more than a year
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Yay for user end replacement parts
  • SylverReZ @ SylverReZ:
    If your graphics card doesn't work with your game then don't blame us for shitty game performance.
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    At least @AncientBoi can run games released in his childhood
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Marbles and pick up sticks 10/10
    K3N1 @ K3N1: Marbles and pick up sticks 10/10