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    ...or "selling well", for that matter...

    So here's the deal. Jack Tretton, representative of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, is so sure of the amazing sales of the PS3, with the thousands of campers grabbing fresh shipments before they even enter a store, that he is willing to give you $1200 for every PS3 you find sitting on a store shelf. I don't know how accurately and exactly the Electronics Games Magazine quoted his words, but he obviously stands by them, otherwise there would have been some counterstatement issued by Sony by now.

    So, in hopes of earning some easy money, or just a new target to mock, the Penny Arcade team, Tycho and Gabe, went shopping. After an hour's search, they've found not one, not two, but six unsold PS3's on store shelves. If they decided to work through lunch, I'm sure they would have found more.

    Now, I would say that, going along with Sony's policy of creating artificial demand, this offer was propaganda bull****, to make people (who don't keep themselves informed through any means other than the hype-generating propaganda machines that are gaming magazines) think the PS3 is a hot item.

    I would say that, if it weren't for Sony's general inability to admit failure. Apart from their statements saying that the PS3 is doing much better that the Xbox360 did in its first month (that may or may not be true), they are refusing to admit that the Wii is outselling the PS3. [​IMG]

    Well, not really refusing, but simply finding circumspect excuses. Apparently, the Wii can't be compared with the PS3, because the Wii is a whole different category. In fact, while the PS3 is a serious multimedia station and a powerful piece of hardware, while the Wii is an impulsive buy.

    The link says it all, but I'll say it again. Calling a console that can't even reach the shelves (for the speed at which campers (that wait for hours) buy it) an "impulsive buy", while calling a console that can be found in every other store two months after launch, despite the miniscule shipments, is delusional behaviour. [​IMG]

    But they are right in one aspect. The Wii is a whole other category. The Wii can be categorised as a success [​IMG]

    Impulsive buy it may be, but I guess we're all impulse-driven robot monkeys then [​IMG]

    On the other hand, the PS3 is a "serious purchase", something to be "planned far ahead".

    So far ahead, in fact, that their customers are still planning instead of actually buying. But I guess it's the thought that counts.

    NOT [​IMG]
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    Interesting point of view.
    Quite accurate, I think so too that Sony has spent way too much on the Cell processor.

    I really hopes they can survive the disaster the PS3 may turn in.

    Nevertheless, Nintendo has showed us that one company can hold its own bankruptcy on one succesful Handheld system...

    Edit: Hell!!!, this is my 200th post!!!!! I will celebrate this with an ovation!
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    They actually found 11 systems, not 6.
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    Across the pond

    - Sam

    EDIT: I hate Sony and all that, but the Sony dude was talking to the interviewer, not the world...

    - Sam
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    hmm, when was this said? i was in a bestbuy well over 3 weeks ago and they had a stack of PS3s in the middle of the store as big and tall as the stack of 360s next to it and not a single wii in stock... so i walked out empty handed.. meh, well this is Kentucky and we are 20 years behind everyone else but whatever. i still want a wii.
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    The interview took place in early Jan 2007 according to the editor's note (which leads me to believe the editor didn't really believe what he said either).

    Also, Tretton only made that "proposition" to the editor, not anyone with a ps3