Sonus 360 phat, CR3 Pro 1.0s, LTU replacement PCB and DGX 1.1s

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    Oct 11, 2011
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    Team Xecuter has delivered some extremely good news!

    First of all, for people who like the limited edition sounds on Slims, TX has made it possible to reprogram the soundchip to play LE 360's sounds in any generic Slim as well as programming your own.
    TX has promised it'll also be for the Phat boxes and as of today!
    This is finally true.

    The Sonus 360 for Phat has been released!
    The Sonus doesn't need a JTAG/RGH to work, any stock console can do this neat little mod.
    It does however require a JRunner programmer and JRunner to edit the sounds.

    Link: here

    The CR3 pro 1.0s also has been released.
    After months of hard work and several 360 board revisions later, the CR3 pro finally sees the light of day.
    This glitchchip isn't for the avarage consumer.
    It's not only expensive but it also offers A HELL of a lot more then the CR3 lite or CR glitchip.
    It offers improving of glitch times, fine tuning performance.
    Checking the best glitchsettings for you and loads more.

    Link: here

    LTU replacement PCB.
    After the release of the new Jungleflasher and C4Eva's LTU, TX has released their replacement PCB to use with LTU.

    This replacement PCB is designed to work on EVERY Slim drive.
    LTU doesn't need a full firmware dump, Only the DVD/CPU keys and the FRCT.bin which can be extracted using RGH or the DGX.

    Link: here

    The DGX also has recieved a little update.
    DGX 1.1 has been released, the small PCB is used to extract DVD keys/CPU keys from consoles which has been updated to beyond 15xxx

    The new DGX has been greatly improved over the last one.
    Especially boottimes on the Trinity.

    Link: here

    Source of the news: TX website
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