Sonic CD JAP VS USA Soundtrack (Which do you like better?)

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    During 1993, Sega released a sonic game for the Sega/Mega CD with the most boring name ever "Sonic CD" This game is much like a sonic game before like sonic one and two, with some improvements and differences. One of the major differences was the localization, in the JAP and EUR the game shared the same soundtrack, but USA had a newly composed different soundtrack. (Don't ask me why) It was not until 2011 when the game was re-released on ps3, xbox 360, pc, ios and android using the "Retro engine" Or maybe nicknamed "Christan Whitehead" Edition that gave all players all over the world access to both soundtracks by a option. (with some small changes due to time passing licenses)

    So simple question here is which on do you like better? We're discussing the whole soundtrack, not specific individual songs, and while the JAP soundtrack was the original intended way, is no need to mention that as part of the reason why you like it. Is a opinion question of which do you like. :)