Something weird going on with the R4.

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by Browsing, Mar 17, 2007.

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    Feb 24, 2007
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    I bought a Onyx Nintendo DS Lite two weeks ago and ordered a R4 from consolesource. It arrived at my house last week and it was white. I've been running everything on it fine. I was telling my brother about the Nintendo DS so he decided to buy a white one from Costco, it was in one of the bundle packs. He ordered the R4 from DealExtreme, which I should add was pretty fast shipping.

    Fast forward to today, my brother gets his R4 in the mail. The R4 he got was black. He put the firmware on it then put it in his Nintendo DS Lite and it wouldn't run. I came over to see if it was a problem with the MicroSD, it wasn't. So I put his black R4 inside my Nintendo DS Lite and it worked. Then he decided to put my white R4 inside his Nintendo DS Lite to see if it would work, it did. So basically my Nintendo DS Lite can run the white and black R4 cards but his Nintendo DS Lite can only run the white one. Any idea what's up?


    It can't have anything to do with dust, if it did my R4 wouldn't have run on his DS. Also the R4 isn't bootleg.
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    uhh thats really strange and i believe thats the first time anyone's ever mentioned a problem like that. try getting out dust and stuff...i cant say much though
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    I remember problems like that with the old R4, it was a seeding issue. Just swapping the
    case from whatever one you were using, lets say black to the white would fix it. But just
    opening the R4 case & adjusting the board may do just fine as well.