Something like AnimalMap on DS

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  1. Jordi

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    Jun 30, 2008
    Do you know someone who can make DS homebrew like Animalmap. Wich you can run on your DS [​IMG] I'm no hero with making homebrew etc. so don't ask me to do this [​IMG]
    It would be great if it contains the following things:

    -World map edit. (incl. Buildings etc. With the options like "Revive all Flowers")
    -Character edit. (to change the hair, eyes, tan, gender... of your character)
    -Edit emotions. (does not have to include all of the custom emotions wich are in the orginally AnimalMap)
    -Edit resident drawers. (for friends who ask for building seeds etc.)
    -Let building seeds have a name. (if not people don't know what they have to get sometimes)

    This would be great for people who go on vacation and other people who can't do this on a computer.
  2. WB3000

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    Apr 5, 2007
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    It's not even open source, and it would take a bit of time to work a program like this on your DS. I'm sure the vacationers can bring their laptop along [​IMG].

    Perhaps a Wii editor for the Wii version will appear someday, who knows.