1. Light_Strategist

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    Mar 14, 2017
    My friend and I recently got Castle Crashers remastered on the Switch and have run through Normal Mode as at least one character each. However now that we've run through a fresh game, we kinda wanna use our old saves that we had back on the 360.

    Sure enough, I figured that a good course of action to try would be to copy my save data to a USB and move it to my Laptop and then see if Remastered would recognize raw saves from the 360 but then I noticed something when I tried to do this. Castle Crashers' data on the 360 doesn't seem to show up at all. The game and all of the DLC do, and loading into the save files works perfectly fine! But I can't actually find the saves themselves.

    As you might expect, this has me kinda stumped since even offline profile data isn't showing up. On the other hand, other games like Dragon Ball Xenoverse still show save data that can be transferred to the PC if I wanted to save edit it or the like.

    Anybody know anything that might help out?
  2. lisreal2401

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    Jun 4, 2013
    United States
    Save data would be somewhere on your profile. Find the game's GPD file in your profile and extract anything you can find in there.
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