Something I wanna share with the whole forum.

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    Nov 24, 2014
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    I'm a new member. So a lot of you don't know me. I used to be a huge forum junkie a good 6 years ago. All day, everyday. I was always uploading things. Tutorials, pics, ideas. Everything.

    Well, I recently had a child and I gave her up for adoption. I've been dealing with a lot of feelings and all that shit. And I just wanna say that being a member of this forum has helped me a lot. You guys are fuckin' awesome. I feel like a really belong here and its been awhile. I feel like I have a motivation to do things now. I wanna homebrew. I wanna make video games. I've been learning a lot from all of you. Its been my dream since I was 3, drawing Mario and Megaman levels.

    So, I just wanna say thank you for being here, gbatemp. Cause, well, I don't know where or what I'd be doin' if this site didn't exist.

    (I know this is some pretty heavy stuff, sorry.)
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    Sometimes I'm a total sap too. GBAtemp's home. I check it compulsively like 20 times a day.

    Glad to see the community's helped you feel better ^_^

    And best wishes to you and the little one. Happy new year!
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    I'm glad this family of sorts is here to help you in times of need and genuinely happy for you.
    If I may add one last bit to my comment, please keep track of your child for your and, especially, her sake.
    It'll keep you at ease knowing how well she's doing and maybe a chance to talk to her every once in a while.

    Good luck and happy new year to you all!
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    I'm glad you found reconfort (not an english word? damn) in our community, and in a short time frame you spent here.
    It's maybe not the best place to heal your thoughts, but if you found something to do to feel useful again then it's a start. But don't depend only on this forum and video games.

    my friend has been adopted too, and she recently decided to find her past, her biological mother left messages to adoption organism to let her know that she could be contacted if needed. She met her and her new siblings :)

    I don't know how it works in America, but in France everything is hidden and secret, adoptants don't know and can't contact previous parents, and vice versa. Real parents don't know who adopted their child.
    But there's an organism in between where real parents can leave messages/photos/etc. in case the child decide one day to know the reason and find their biological parents. I think this is not well known and lot of adopted children don't know they can find clues from their past until they start searching. at their surprise their learn they could get information earlier. And I think 99% if not all of adopted children are seeking their past one day or another. So, leave tracks to help her find you in 20-30 years.

    Your child didn't had a mother? it's a decision you made together?
    You are not young (12-16 years old) still at school who think a child is a burden at this age. so there's probably long reflexions behind your decision.
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    i would imagine there's more to your story ,, but on the face of your post it read as though you gave a baby up for adoption and are now ready to do homebrew . Theres some fukked up emotions running around , im guess your new yrs resolution is homebrew releated right ?
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    Inside your miiind, and poof.
    True true, but use this opportunity to be a little more independent. If gbatemp were to be closed down, I don't know what you'd do.
    Build yourself up, using gbatemp or not before it's too late. Just sayin'. ;)
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    This topic just made me shit my pants.
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    You know this is very personal because I'm adopted myself and can say that what you did was selfless and I hope you will find inter peace :)
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  9. MajinCubyan

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    Nov 24, 2014
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    Yeah, its an open adoption so I get pictures and videos of her, she can almost crawl now. :D And yeah, I thought about it for awhile. Still a lot to do and growing up ahead of me. Plus I'm a poverty stricken waiter, so I can hardly get by just me.

    Haha, yes, I guess its all kinda mixed in all weird. Like a said, I've wanted to make video games and it would be cool to be like, "Hey, I didn't waste this chance I have to follow my dreams. You can too."

    Oh fur sure. I've gotten much better over the last 7-8 months. I was a wreak for a good awhile but slowly I'm getting back to being outgoing and my (sort of) old self.

    Haha, thats fair. Hope you gotta extra pair. :P
    Thanks. I love meeting and talking to people who were adopted. It's a good feeling.
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