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    Apr 28, 2007
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    I've been trying to get ComicBookDS running for ages. I've been able to actually get the Rom working and all.
    its all about that crappy pictods program.

    no matter which version i get (1.0,1.3,2.0,2.2 whatever). IT ALWAYS FUC*IN SAYS "could not find the main class. program will exit."

    I'm so pissed off at this. i've got all the latest java and what not. it just never ever opens. i don't understand, why is it that every version always doesn't work. why does that stupid pictods never work. its just like batchdpg. even though i install all the required BS, it still never works.

    why do these programs never run. does anyone have an answer for this? am i supposed to install some hidden program that the site never tells u about?

    i've been at it for weeks now. every week i think i might have a chance and be able to get pictods to work. and every week i give up. like today, i'm in a good mood, i have to be able to run pictods. but no! it just won't run.

    whats wrong with the program?! why won't it ever run on my comp!!??! [​IMG]

    someone please tell me they have an answer to this. [​IMG]
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    You have .NET 1.1 right?