1. NEO117

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    Mar 5, 2008
    So, here's the thing. Tonight, I updated my sysnand to the latest firmware 9.1.0 because I wasn't paying attention. Ok, fine. I can play my games online without worries. I tested my emunand on atmosphere and it work flawlessly, still on 9.0.1. So here are my questions.

    - How come people always freak out about these updates? I understand if their Switch is patched, but I always see threads on people using CFW on their Sysnand and now being essentially SOL until CFW gets updated. Are there any advantages to using CFW on sysnand? Because from where I'm standing it's a LOT safer to use emunand every time.

    - Since my fuses are burned, should I just update my emunand with choidujournx? If so, is there anything I should keep in mind before doing so? (I don't see myself updating emunand unless it's absolutely necessary). I'm assuming I must also do another nand backup since my fuses were burnt.

    - Are there any cons in using 90dns if I never take my emunand online? Because that's another thing I see people not doing, and causing accidental updates.

    This is more of a discussion than anything else. There are some aspects about the Switch hacking scene that I just don't get very well.
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    Nov 20, 2018
    Suppose that someone finds a insanely great bug in v8 of the firmware that will allow you to cold-boot into CFW, run Window12 and bring worldpeace.
    Being on v9.1.0 won't allow you to go back to v8 (because of the burnt fuses) and join the party.
    That is why people would like to stay on a firmware as low as possible.
    You would like to keep you Sysnand in the original state.
    With a NAND backup you can revert your Switch back to it's original state.
    If you update your Switch's sysnand and keep your emunand in it's original state then you won't be able to revert back.

    What I see is a lot of people with SXOS updating accidentally because SXOS doesn't use 90DNS.
    I understood that 90DNS just blocks everything, also the servers you need to play online.

    Making a backup of your last state is advisable, if I understand it correctly,
    it's much easier to put back it back as you burnt your fuses already.
    It looks like a lot of hassle to put back a 8.0 firmware and than update to 9.0 with a lot of hassle because of those burnt fuses.
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