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    Jun 10, 2008
    Hey there, well I have a few questions:

    1) When I want to play Black Ops On-line it just says Please Wait...and after some time nothing happened, I read that Activision released a patch and I have to install it to play online..but since it doesn't am I suposed to install it? Is there any other way?

    2) I have this program Make Me 3D,it converts 2D movies into 3D movies, and I wanted to know if anyone tried to play a 3D movie in the Wii (with MCPlayer or something)...I wanted to know if someone did it first, becasue I don't want to waste 4 hours of my life converting the movie and then realizing that it was worthless...

    3) In order to play Black Ops, I need to install IOS57, but each time I install it, then I'm unable to play Guitar Hero, so I need to install it trough Waninkoko's installer..and I wanted to know if there's any way to avoid this everytime I want to play any of these...

    4) I downloaded the wad files for all the Guitar Heros (it unlocks the DLC and the disc imports) but the only ones working are Guitar Hero 4 and 5 DLC adn GHM - SM Disc imports...the disc imports from BH, GH5 and GH4 are not working, I installed the Shopping Channel v18 vis Wad Manager...any ideas?

    So that's all...anyone with ideas?

    Thanks in advance