1. nicholas222

    OP nicholas222 Newbie

    Apr 2, 2011
    1. what is "safe mode"?

    2. what is "scrolling speed"? does it affect the gameplay speed of what you are playing? coz i have a feeling that each game i'm play with wood r4 1.28 runs a little faster than it should, (maybe it's my illsusion palying tricks on me)

    3. what " save type" should I choose, the default of wood 1.28 is 512K, but no matter how I change it, after saving it, come back, it will still revert back to 512K, so weird, however, I notice that the actually game save for each game i have already saved for is 64K. Is all of this a bug or something?

    4. Can I delete " autorun.inf" in my micro sd card?
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