1. Morning

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    Aug 5, 2006
    heya.. i'm new here, but i've been looking around for a flash cart for a few mths already... i've read heaps of opinions, reviews, threads from numerous forums/websites and, mainly i've narrowed it down to the supercard lite or M3 lite...

    I've been reading like heaps and heaps of information, but i just want some opinions about the M3...
    1. How reliable is the save system? Is it often that save files get corrupted, or unusable? I'm kinda worried about it. If anything, it is really holding me back from gettin an m3 lite. If possible, can someone also outline to me how multiple-saves work? (and if so, how does the supercard do it?)
    2. Does the M3 support DS-GBA game linkage and if so, how does it work?
    3. How do u get cheats for DS games on the M3?

    And some questions about the supercard:
    1. I did look at the GBA compatibility website and it goes alot of games 'work perfect'. Is this fully true? The main games i want to play on GBA are zelda, pokemon, final fantasy games, yugioh - mainly rpgs
    2. How exactly do you sand it down to make it fit properly?
    3. Does the supercard support DS-GBA game linkage and if so, how does it work?

    Hmm, i can't think of any more questions i have atm, but i guess i'm just really hoping that this product is reliable and straightforward to use.
    The only reason i'm thinkin about the m3 lite is perfect GBA compatibility and better build quality and i guess integrated media player makes things easier. I guess i really don't like the fact that the supercard is hard to put in and out (my friend has one, it is hard) and i prefer side-loading... i guess its price of the M3 Lite that i need to justify =P

    I really hope to get one within the next few days, so hope someone can help me out ^.^
    Thanks heaps

  2. FifthE1ement

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    Jun 19, 2006
    United States
    I've made a guide just for these question and more. Goto the "Flashcart Comparison Chart: ^11" and it will give you the pros and cons of each system then a little bit down it will give you a comparison:



    FifthE1ement [​IMG]
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