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    Hello. I recently got a DS Lite and was trying to decide upon which flash card to buy. I read some reviews on the R4 and so far I like the sound of that. So far I think that's the best choice but I'm not sure if I want to play GBA games on this DS or not. Assuming I choose the R4 DS and I want to be able to play GBA games what is the other slot 2 piece that I would need? This is where I got confused when I was reading some of the posts here.

    Another question on flash carts in general... am I correct that there are no carts available yet that allow you to backup an original DS game? I thought I read that somewhere on here (i read so many damn posts the past few days [​IMG] But the R4 should let you back up the saved games that you create because they will just get stored onto the memory card right?

    The other one I was thinking of getting is the G6 DS Real. I like how the memory is already integrated in the chip. This way I don't have to worry about choosing the right brand of SD card or whatever. But how many roms can you fit on a 1GB card? I think I read someone say about 20. If that's the case then that's more than enough for me. I also like the G6's USB Linker. The reviews say that holds future promise so that maybe they will have features like backing up DS games and such which is cool. But does this G6 DS Real kit that was reviewed on this site come with the tools needed to play GBA games as well? If so then I think I will choose that one as long as it's not much more expensive.

    My last question is whether or not you can play DS roms over the nintendo Wi-Fi without any hassle. I play Animal Crossing and I'm just wondering if these online games still work even though they are roms. I read in the compatibility lists that the only features that seem to have problems are the single download play. I'm not even sure what the hell that is so I'm not sure if that's good or bad [​IMG]

    If anyone could answer some or all these questions that would be great. Thank you very much.
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    I'm pretty sure that any slot-2 should work
    I have no idea how to, but it is pretty easy to find them on the internet [​IMG]
    Yep [​IMG]
    Depends on the size of the games, usually around 20
    There will be an Expansion Pack available
    They work just fine [​IMG]
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    You can dump roms with many slot2 cards. Whether it works or not is another story.
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    Following nileyg's numbering
    1)Most GBA slot devices allow GBA play, I would shy away from supercards (all), M3 professionals, EZ4 compacts though if you do. Some people like the EZ5 3 in 1 device (which can work on other carts) as well, personally I like lots of GBA games. There are several extended threads discussing the relative merits of GBA carts and quite frankly I doubt anything will change ever in the GBA's regard or a carts support thereof. I also suggest having a look as DS homebrew (and GBA naturally) is often far better on GBA slot devices (mainly older DS stuff).

    2) Currently only older cards can dump roms with a few select apps, it is easier to download though. Still:

    3) You can back up the saves made by the R4 but you can not grab DS saves with the R4, there is a wifi dumper though that could work if you have the ability:

    Your GBA slot cart is likely to be able to back up saves from DS carts though. There are also many threads on this topic around here.

    4) DS roms are between 8 and 128 megabytes with the current average being 64 (the first 700 or so average, trimming (removing 00's/FF's from the end of the rom) can free up a nice chunk of space (extreme example pokemon (J) loses over 64 megs and snowboard kids (J or U) is cut almost in half. You can also rip films/sound/levels out of roms, such techniques have fallen out of favour lately with the widespread use of ?SD cards though.

    5) You need a GBA slot device to play GBA (the DS slot is too slow), having a memory card is far nicer in my opinion than onboard memory.

    6) Wifi is not a problem, carts seem to patch the areas needed for download play (DS to DS) consequently breaking it for most games unless you have flashme installed on all the DSs in question which removes the detection.
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