Some questions about the EZ4 lite deluxe

Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by GeneralLeoFF, Aug 26, 2009.

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    I have an EZ5+ with a 3 in 1 pack. I hate that the 3 in 1 only has 128MBit PSRAM for GBA as this is all I use it for. I was wondering if the old EZ4 lite deluxe can work as an alternative with it's larger 256MBit PSRAM.

    Can the EZ5+ GBA loader access the EZ4 lite deluxe the same as it can the 3 in 1?

    If I can use it are shops still selling the EZ4 lite deluxe or does anyone want to sell or trade one? I have both a large and small size 3 in 1 if someone wants to swap for one.

    In such a setup if I had an SD card in both the EZ5 and EZ4 would the EZ5 be able to utilize the one in the EZ4? Like for extra storage. I think this is probably no but no hurt in asking.

    Are their any other 256MBit PSRAM options? That's really all I want. A simple cart that does nothing but run GBA games from PSRAM for quick loading.
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    you can use GBA exploader to load games into PSRAM mode on your EZ4.

    Last version of GBA exploader is v0.58b:

    The extra storage question, not the way you are thinking about.

    The M3 GBA Expansion Pack (M3 GEP for short)
    It also has RTC, if your into playing pokemon.

    You can use GBA exploader with the M3 GEP.
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