PS1/2 some questions about Psone modchip


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Jan 28, 2007
i have a old ps1 the grey fat one with a X-killer adapter that goes in the parallel port.
With it i can boot backup games by using a original playstation disc and then the cd stops and i can swap the burned/backup one and play.
I could play most of my backups, pal or ntsc games.

but now days the its really hard to boot up the backup games, like 1/15 tries. Even if it work it would automatic restarts after a few min of gameplay to the xkillers menu.
I can still play original playstation games fine, without problems.
Now to my 1st question is my x-killer adapter failing on me ? or is it the laser ?

I recently bought a psone, the small newer one. That have already been mod chipped, so i can play backups without swaping disc etc.
But not all my backup games that once worked with my old ps1 worked. Why is that ? may it be that the new psone cant read all the types of burned discs ? (diff brands)? cuz some of them works, or is it because the mod chip dont allow me to play ntsc games ?

to my 2nd question, if i download the PS-X-Change boot disc and burn it from the iso, and use it on my psone will i be able to play all my games ?

both of my playstations are pal versions.



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Nov 21, 2005
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How old are these backups? Burned CDs sometimes only have a shelf life of 7 odd years, maybe even considerably less.

Likewise burned discs, especially to PS1 vintage lasers, were slightly harder to read so you may be seeing the lasers on the way out.

Offhand I am not aware of any patches/fixes that will only work on the original model PS1 and not the psone (or vice versa), but it has been quite some time since I did PS1 stuff so I could be be forgetting something.

That said I would not discount some dirty pins in the parallel port or the cartridge. Give it some love with some (not automotive) contact cleaner if you have any, sadly the parallel port and cartridges are a bit fiddly for the other, often easier to source in the average house, methods of cotton bud (bomullspinnar?) and nail polish remover (pure acetone, no extras like moisturiser) though if you reckon you can do it then give it a go. The cartridges were not the best made either so check you have not got any bent pins.
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