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    Hello all!

    Okay, here's the situation. I want to play newer games (3.0.1+) without ruining my shot at Atmosphere's Cold/Warm boot. I'm not too worried about online but staying "Unbanned" is preferable. I understand we don't know for sure what causes bans. I am also aware that your console's history is an issue. I have looked around and searched for the answers to these questions. I can't find anything solid. Just outdated/incomplete answers on depreciated threads or conflicting information. I appreciate any help you provide. My console has been on airplane mode for A LONG TIME. I am not 100% sure if it was BEFORE Pegaswitch. I think it was (Fingers crossed). I think it was only online with the (Pega)Switch DNS since and that was long ago. My ultimate goal is to get an up to date system enough to play newer games and still have my stock 3.0.1 setup foe future fun. Going online would be great too.. Maybe I could download the rest of the Zelda DLC I paid for. So my questions are...

    1. I made my clean backup using Hekate while my console was still on 3.0. Unfortunately a drunken mistake has since left me on 3.0.1 :( I want a clean setup. Can I still restore the 3.0 NAND Backup to my 3.0.1 SysNAND? Boot it with Hekate, then just update it to 3.0.1 with my Super Mario Odyssey cart? ?(So the OFW launcher won't wig out)
    2. My "Clean Backup" might have had some not so clean things on it. I may have accessed PegaSwitch EARLY on (1337 error) and may have installed loader.nsp and 1 DLC (not sure since there has been a couple SysNAND restores since.) Not sure what's on the backup. I know it was sloppy. My bad, no more drunken Switch tomfoolery. Is there a way to check the error logs and NSP installs on the backup before I go online? Maybe check the NAND backup before I even restore it?
    3. If I make an SX OS EmuNAND on 3.0.1 then update the EmuNAND to the latest necessary update (5.1 I guess) using ChoiDujourNX and AutoRCM, will my Game Cart Slot fuses get burned? I plan to go back at least to install Cold/Warm boot..
    4. Did the NOGC patch for Hetake get sorted out? I tried it once and it was so damn slow I went back to 3.0.1.
    5. Could I use the 3.0 backup to install Atmosphere Warmboot/Coldboot even though my fuse count is for 3.0.1? Will installation/Usage of Atmosphere require the Stock Loader? I realize it's not released yet an "All information is subject to change."
    6. Is it better to leave the SysNAND stock and update the EmuNAND or vice versa? I have seen conflicting opinions.
    7. If I make an EmuNAND then in the future delete it, would all traces be removed? (Probably don't know the answer I don't think)
    These are the things preventing me from trying out the EmuNAND feature. I don't want a bunch of "Screw TX, wait for Atmosphere" talk either. I know you mean well but SX OS is where it's at right now and I don't want any politics here. Just information.
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