Some questions 2: somebody to change graphic chip in wii ?

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  1. delicator

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    Mar 10, 2010
    I explain, i have bricked (?) wii.

    I try to synchro wiimote but not work.
    I try to change bluetooth and Wifi twice for each and no change.
    I try bootmiifree, severals times, not work
    I try without dvd player and connectics, and With dvd player and connectics, i try two différent dvd player, not a change.

    When I turn on console, just like à refresh screen, and in the top of screen appear some colors, picture in the post.

    The motherboard is rev -40 so, if I understand all good, infectus + betwiin trick don't work
    I don't have nand backup, and keys

    I assume low level format is black screen, and this screen is not black, but, i've tested all the things I can before, desoldering and change graphic chip.

    Thank you if you have some experience, ideas i don't have.

  2. Vattu

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    May 27, 2009
    give it up, man. tried if all circuits are good? do it with a voltage measurement device or visually.