Some Question about rxTools, sysNand, emuNand and Autoboot...

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    Hey Everybody

    FINALLAY I was able to run rxTools in Homebrew to launch emuNand, after 6 Months lol! I just download a package with ALL files inside. Will make a Tutorial later, to share my success with your guys, who werent able till now to do it. I am even able now to install CIA files in a very easy way.

    My questions:

    1. My main question is if there is any EASY way to boot automatically into emuNand? I dont want to boot into Homebrew with menuhax or oothax. and from there I have to run again rxTools and then hoping that it loads into emuNand.

    2. The difference between sysNand and emuNand is that emuNand is just emulating the system memory without using it, right? it uses the SD card instead the system memory, right? So it means, we should always using emuNand to prevent bricking the 3ds and to keep the sysNand save and always at v.9.2.0-22E. In emuNand i can update it to the latest one and all apps and games will think that sysNand is up to date since its emulating, right? And if something happend to emuNand, then i cna just delete it and install it again, without bricking my 3ds, right?

    3. Is it possible to run software updates in emuNand? I am asking coz I tried to update Mario Kart 7, to be able to play online. The software update is allways finished successfully and it tells me that I can find in in my Add-on Content. When i click on the game icon again, it tells me again to update it. when i look in my Add-on Content, its empty, even though the software update everytime says its successfully finished. Any advice how to fix it? (I installed Mario Kart 7 v.1.1 online patched and it works. still i am curious why the software update didnt work in first place...)

    4. Can someone explain to me why its rebooting every time i close the System Settings in 3ds? I know it has to reboot. Anything else would make no sense. In thats why I want someone to explain to me? Thats why my first question is the main question, how to boot automatically into emuNand?
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