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    Aug 4, 2006
    Recently, I've made a decision and sold my SuperCard miniSD (which served me quite good for a while) and ordered a brand new, glossy M3 Lite. It's on it's way to me, but I have some questions.

    1. Does the M3's filebrowser display hidden folders?
    Currently, most of FAT enabled homebrew has it's folders on the root of the media (in this case, the microSD), but on the SuperCard, I simply added the 'hidden' attribute to the folders I didn't want to see and solved the problem. ANSWERED

    2. What kind of microSD should I buy?
    I'm hanging between Kingston, SanDisk and SanDisk Ultra. Does SanDisk Ultra perform a lot better (I mean - is it worth the extra money)?

    3. What do different options in the patching software do?
    I especially want to know the meaning of the following:
    • DMA
    • Force R/W
    • Safe Mode
    • Normal
    4. How do I patch a GBA game to use the real-time clock?
    I want to play Pokemon Emerald with RTC enabled. However, I couldn't find this option anywhere in the patcher. How do I enable it (I don't need any special effects)?
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