Some M3 Lite quesitons

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by thomaspajamas, May 2, 2007.

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    Nov 5, 2006
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    Alright so I just got my M3 Lite Perfect in the mail and im pretty excited but I need some help getting everything set up perfect.

    I have a DS-X that I use for my NDS so this endeavor is mainly about getting GBA games working. I mean they work fine, but I cant get the m3 menu to work from within the game...

    1. Ok so my first major issue is with exiting to the menu while playing GBA games. I've got the latest firmware installed and I patched my roms with the M3 Manager with RTS to load them onto the cart, but when I press L+R+A+B to get the menu, I can't do anything from there. I can see the different options (save, load, restart, main menu...) but whenever I press any option with any button (A, B Start Select whatever) it just closes the menu and returns to the game. I feel like I'm just overlooking somthing stupid here, but I'm tired of troubleshooting so If someone has had a similar dilema or knows what I'm doing wrong, please let me know

    EDIT: Another problem answered, it turns out if you load your games as .zip files then you will get this problem. This happens on the G6 as well.

    2. The DS-X's flashy lights are cute and all, but not too practical. When I boot the M3 into GBA mode these lights stay on instead of turning themselves off like when I start the DS-X. Do I really have to remove my DS-X everytime I want to play GBA games if I dont want the lights on? Or is there a way to keep them off for all eternity while booted in GBA mode?

    EDIT: Problem 2 answered, after re-checking the DS-X forums it appears that will indeed stay on until the DS-X boots up [​IMG]

    3. last, I need to make room for NDS games on my little DS-X, so I'm moving whatever homebrew I can to the M3. Pretty much the only thing I use though is nesDS, and I've had some trouble trying to get it to work on the M3...

    So I'm guessing, that as the name implies, nesDS is a piece of DS homebrew, so it wont run off my M3 when I boot in GBA mode, right? wrong?

    anyway, I got lovelite to boot my M3 into NDS mode from the DS-X, but when I try to boot nesDS then it has trouble. It will only play the game I originally used to create the nesDS file, and when I press Load from the menu it just restarts that game instead of showing me the directories with all of the nes games in them like it did in the DS-X.

    any help on these issues would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

    EDIT: One more question... Sleep mode? I never had a regular GBA so I dont have much experience with them, but I know the GBASP had the screen you could fold over like the DS. Did this put games into sleep mode? Is there a way to put GBA games into sleep mode with the M3 or do they just have to keep running when you close the lid?? thanks!