1. TheGlow

    OP TheGlow GBAtemp Regular

    Nov 23, 2013
    United States
    Ive had a few CIA's when installing via bigbluemenu just chug along smoothly and steadily.
    Then I have others that transfer for about 3 seconds, then stop for 2-3 secs, and repeats this behavior, dragging the install time.
    And now a DLC pack for Threatrhythm it gets to 1% and just sits there. I tried it 4 times out of curiosity. Put it in different folders, renamed, etc, try to see if its a bad sector on the SD card, but no. After 4 mins it starts up fine for another 4-5% then just stops.
    Any ideas? Its a new 32GB memcard, 15GB free.
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