Som questions about transfering data from one ps3 before hacking the other.

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    Hello, guys.

    I'm going to give my buddy a new slim ps3 and get his older (downgradable) model. the only requirement he had for me was that I transferred all his games, saves and etc. I've searched and I've found out there's a data transfer option in newer firmwares that transfers all that stuff. SO, my questions are:

    1) Starting on which OFW version is that option available on PS3

    2) Do both PS3 consoles need to have that OFW installed?

    3)If his PS3 is outdated (he rarely uses it online nowadays) and I need to update it in order to use this function, can updating to a newer OFW interfere with anything on the downgrading possibility?

    Thank you dearly for your time.
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    Neither PS3 needs to be on OFW, but they must be on the same firmware version.

    Example, PS3 A is on 3.55 while PS3 B is on 4.50. You must update PS3 A to 4.50.

    As long as particular PS3 is a donwgradable model, OFW version does not matter.
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