1. Thomas Dorman

    OP Thomas Dorman Newbie

    Jan 21, 2016
    I have an original Xbox, wich I havent used for a few years... I softmodded it back in the day via the hot swap method, and upgraded the HDD. Everything was working OK, but some time ago, my only controller malfunctioned, and I stopped using the device. Lately I got excited about CoinOps, a thought of building a gaming cabinet out of the Xbox. I got myself a new controller, assembled the gear, and was greeted by the error 16 message. I searched online and found out that the error is due to the modified system files, and the the console forgetting, and not being able to setup the system time correctly. I'd like to fix the issue, and need help. I don't have the original Hard drive anymore, but I have some backup files. I have the eeprom.bin from back when i did the softmod, and also have the HDD key. Is there a way to easily fix this issue? I have acces to an older pc with IDE drives, a copy of XBOXHDM 2.2a on my pc but thats about it... I only have a third party controller, no memory cards, no breakaway adapters, and no exploitable original games.
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