Softmodded Wii (Recently in 2013) Rockband 2 Drums issue

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  1. Dharmaboy

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    Jul 6, 2009
    hey guys,
    I have a soft modded Wii and a set of RB2 drums off eBay. The seller told me they worked fine. But when I plug in the dongle and try to turn the drums on, all I get is the player 1-2-3-4 blue lights just flash on and off in unison. Tried different batteries, nothing.Same result.

    Can't get the Drum button in the center to light up at all.

    I have tried to get the drums to work with my original RB2 Disc as well as USB Loader. Nothing.

    turn the drums on and off and the player 1-2-3-4 lights just flash over and over.

    Tried to hit the dongle (white one from my original set of drums) button and the sync button at the same time..nothing.

    Tried to hold the drum button down for a long period of time. Nothing.

    Just the player 1-2-3-4 blue lights flashing over and over.

    Do you think something is shorted out? Think it got damaged during shipping? Seller did a great bubble wrap job when shipping.
  2. Cecilmax

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    Mar 7, 2015
    I have the same problem...
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