1. Ing17

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    Apr 8, 2018
    Hi everyone my apologies for being a noob. I managed to softmod my wii via 2 gb sd card. All my roms are stored in a 500 gb external hdd using wiibackup manager for wii isos. So far everything seems to work fine (Im very impressed with nintendont all GC roms work like a charm). Only one wii game refused to boot batman the brave and bold but thats not the problem.

    Ive been trying to get wiiware games looking at several different guides. It would install but wont boot past the memory error screen. Ive tried a number of wad files including ghost and goblin which I know definitely works. Since Ive not touched the sd card after the homebrew is installed so all my apps are in the external hdd including cios installer. Tried installing wiiflow fails to boot any game. Im pretty sure I have not installed correctly. I tried the dumping nand method via gx still doesnt work so any suggestion?
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