Softmod.... just want to make sure

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    See bottom of post - Softmod completed and working perfectly - method used at bottom of thread

    I have a wiikey wii menu 4.0 (originally upated through Nintendo) with HBC, Coverflow, USB drive and all possible revisions of IOS and haven't found a game yet that doesn't load perfectly. (Including SSBB)

    My son came round and saw it working and wants me to sort his but it will have to be softmod as he can't afford to have it chipped. I just have a few questions as reading around I now have a headache.

    1) Softmod is a similar process but is there a way it can be done without Zelda [​IMG]

    2) Once modded will the wii be able to read backups or will he have to get an external drive to play them. It's just I have seen pages where people are stating that once softmodded their wii can read backups. (Only asking as if he is going to need a USB drive then he may as well save up and get it hard modded)

    3) Is there a definitive guide to softmodding.

    His wii is a PAL 3.1E [​IMG]

    Thanks guys.
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    You can use bannerbomb now instead of the twilight hack. To start off on his Wii I suggest getting the necessary bannerbomb files(just google bannerbomb) and the hackmii installer v2(from rename the installer.elf from the hackmii installer download to boot.elf and put that on the root of your sd card and then follow the instructions to run that using bannerbomb (basically put the bannerbomb files on sd card, go to channels in data management and click SD card) Once you get that to run, if it allows you to, install bootmii to boot2 (if the Wii is too new it will say bootmii can only be installed in one variant or something) I suggest doing this on your Wii as well if you haven't if you want 100% brick protection. If you install bootmii to boot2 and make a nand backup with it you're set. After you do that, whether it allowed you to or not install the new HBC from the installer as well. Then just exit out of that and you should have the hbc on it now.

    note: You need a GC controller to control bootmii OR you can use the face buttons on the wii. Power to go right and reset to select.

    From here you should be able to just follow this guide to upgrade to 4.0 through Waninkoko's updater:

    From 3.1 I think you may be able to just do the online guide and install cIOS right off the bat. Just try installing cIOS rev13 as it says and if it works then just continue with the online guide (you can skip the preloader stuff if you have bootmii as boot2), if it doesn't work then just follow the offline guide doing steps 1-3, A-B, and 9-10 once you get up to that point you can start over doing the online guide again since you will have cIOS installed already.

    Actually if he's not going to use the usb loaders at all then you might as well just install cIOS rev 8 instead. Search for that installer and just run that instead of the rev10/13 installers in those guides. (They all install to IOS249 so it doesn't matter if you install over eachother, the last one you install will be the one it's using.) Just make sure you install one of them before doing the upgrade through the 4.0 updater in the guide.

    Once you do that you should be up to date with any IOS's on the system with a cIOS revision installed for your backup loader purposes. At that point you can look up the neogamma loader for disc based backup loading. If you REALLY want to load backups from the disc channel you can look into CIOSCORP, but I don't recommend it as I think it's too much to do to your IOS's to be able to see the channel animations of the game before you actually boot it up. I would just install a wad of the neogamma loader and use that instead of the disc channel.

    So basically to your questions:

    1) Bannerbomb + hackmii installer

    2) Yes backups will work as long as you have a cIOS installed and a backup loader such as neogamma.

    3) should have everything you need (except the hackmii installer)
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    Bannerbomb would work instead of Zelda.
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    I realise this may not make sense, but would upgrading his 3.1 to 4.0 prior to installing Bootmii, HBC etc be a good or bad move?

    and thanks for the replies guys.
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    At this point in time, everything that can be done on 3.1 can now be done on 4.0. If you upgrade before softmodding, follow the offline part of this guide:

    And, tj_cool is right. A NAND backup is always a good idea before messing with stuff.
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    I would install bootmii first (and maybe make a nand backup) so if something goes wrong you can restore it [​IMG] Its the same installer as the HBC.
  7. grentuu

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    Aug 11, 2007
    All good, thanks guys.

    If anyone is interested this is exactly what I did in order. This is exactly the same steps as I used for my hard modded (wiikey) wii.

    Network upgrade to 4.0 from 3.1.

    Format SD card (Kingston 2gb)
    Download Bannerbomb/Hackmii.
    Installed HBC/Bootmii to Nand 2
    Backed up Nand to sd AND VERIFIED IT. Saved it to PC

    Format Sd again
    Download 4.0NoCiosfix and wad manager 1.4
    Run WAD manager 1.4 to install Cios7.wad (Using IOS35)

    Download cIOS36 rev 10 - installed to apps (renamed to boot.dol)
    Installed through HBC - (network install)

    Installed Geckos 1.9 but games refused to load
    Installed Neogamma V3 and everything works a dream....every backup tested works

    Thanks to everyone for their help, guides, software etc