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    I know there are other ways but this has worked on every Wii I have done and I am a great believer in "if it ain't broke don't fix it"

    What You'll Need
    • A Blank SD Card
    • The Banner Bomb Exploit
    • The HackMii Installer (includes the Homebrew Channel)
    • The 4.0 NoCIOSFix
    • A USB External Hard Drive - If you are looking to run off a drive
    • The cIOS36_rev10 or higher (13a preferred)
    • The USB Loader
    • WBFS Manager
    • The WAD Manager
    • The USB Loader Forwarder WAD File (optional)
    • Game Cover .png Files (optional)
    GOOGLE for the files, no links provided.
    Step 1: Confirm that you have the System Menu 4.0 installed

    The big feature enhancement in the Wii System Menu 4.0 was the addition of the SD Card icon on the channels page, and the ability to use an SD Card for storage (both for wiiware and save games). Unfortunately, the traditional way to hack the Wii for homebrew (the Twilight Princess hack) was completely disabled in this update. Until recently, there was no easy way to install the Homebrew Channel on the 4.0 system menu, but all that changed a few weeks ago with the release of the Banner Bomb. You can easily tell whether or not you have the 4.0 system menu by looking at your Wii channels page, if it has the sd card icon on the front end.

    Step 2: Install the Homebrew Channel
    I am only going to cover the menu system 4.0. All the ones I have done (8) I have done the official Nintendo 4.0E update and then worked from there. (Turn off Wiiconnect 24 after updating.)
    • download the HackMii installer.
    • download the Banner Bomb exploit.
    • Plug your SD Card into your computer and back it up if necessary. Now wipe it completely clean - there should be no other files on the card.
    • Unzip the folder from the Banner Bomb download. It should extract to a folder called private with a bunch of stuff inside. Copy the private folder to your SD Card . Make sure that you don't have any other private folders on the card!
    • Unzip the folder from the HackMii download. Inside you will find a file called Installer.elf. Rename that file to boot.elf.
    • Place the HackMii boot.elf file into the root of your SD Card . Now you should only have boot.elf and the private folder in the root of the card.
    • **Don't put the SD Card into the Wii yet!!!** Turn on your Wii and go to Data Management->Channels->SD. Now put the SD Card into the Wii. It will either freeze, or it will pop up with 'Load boot.elf?'.
    • Follow the instructions to continue installing. You'll want to install all 3 elements (the Homebrew Channel, DVDX and BootMii). DVDX opens up the Wii drive for reading regular DVDs. BootMii will offer some additional safeguards against bricking your console.
    **NOTE: if you have trouble with the Banner Bomb freezing, go to this site to troubleshoot. Most people will be able to use aad1f_v108, but there are alternative files to try if that doesn't work for you**

    OK - excellent. Now you should have the Homebrew Channel installed.
    Step 3: Get your IOS in Order and Ready to Install cIOS36
    This step is absolutely essential to getting things in working order for the USB drive hacks.
    • Grab your SD Card and plug it into your computer
    • Backup your SD Card if necessary and wipe it completely clean (there should be no other files on it)
    • download the WAD Manager v1.4.
    • download the 4.0NoCIOSfix.rar file.
    • Extract 4.0NoCIOSFix and put its contents on your SD Card (there is an apps folder and a wad folder).
    • Inside of the apps folder, create a folder called 'WAD Manager' (the path should be apps\WAD Manager)
    • Extract the WAD Manager 1.4 file and rename WAD-Manager_v1.4.dol to boot.dol
    • Place the WAD Manager boot.dol into the apps\WAD Manager folder
    • You should now have an apps folder with CMDVDX34, WMIOS35 and WAD Manager folders in it
    • Put your SD Card back into your Wii and start up the Homebrew Channel
    • Run CMDVDX34 to downgrade your IOS and exit when finished
    • Run the WAD Manager 1.4 from the Homebrew Channel and use it to install IOS35.wad (if this fails, it means it's already installed. Don't worry about it, just continue).
    • Run the WAD Manager 1.4 from the Homebrew Channel and use it to install CIOSv7.wad. NOTE: Make sure to set the WAD Manager to use IOS35!
    If everything went smoothly, you are now ready to install cIOS36_rev10. Or you can use rev 13a.

    Step 4: Install cIOS36_rev10
    • download the cIOS36_rev10 zip file. check Waninkoko's site.
    • Unzip the file and re-name the file called cIOS36_rev10-Installer.dol to boot.dol
    • Plug in the SD Card that you typically use for Homebrew on the Wii (the SD Card that is used by the Homebrew Channel to load applications) and go into the apps folder
    • Create a new folder called cIOS36_rev10 on your SD Card and copy the boot.dol file from above into it. You should now have the cIOS36_rev10 boot.dol file inside apps\cIOS36_rev10.
    • Plug the SD Card into your Wii and launch the Homebrew Channel. You should see an application in there for your cIOS36_rev10. Load that application and follow the instructions on the installer. Choose the internet installation if you have a wireless connection.

    Now restart wii and using bootmii do a Nand backup and let it verify. I always take the backup of the card and save on to my PC saving it with a txt file saying what serial number wii it was for. (I have done most of my family’s Wii’s and NO I don’t charge for this)
    Next install the loader software of your choice, Neogamma is the one I have installed and has worked on every wii I have done. I am not going to cover USB loaders as thats covered in a different place [​IMG]

    This isn’t my work this is a compilation of reading from different sites and putting that work together so props to the authors. But I can verify this has worked on every Wii I have done.

    Hope it helps
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    Cardboard Box
    Very nice guide but i think you may need to make it longer....

    Like step by steps which will not confuse noobies.....
  3. TeenTin

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    Hong Kong
    I prefer using Trucha Bug Restorer. Much more simple !
  4. ocdetective

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    Mar 19, 2008
    Also I would suggest doing the NAND backup before AND after the steps taken to softmod just in case.
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