Soft mod guide?

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    What is the most up to date guide for flashing the 360? And about how much does it cost to buy all of the materials?
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    DVD flashing (most likely mod for you to be doing) is probably the nicest intro. If you have questions do ask though.
    Costs will vary depending on your DVD model. Could be nothing at all or could be closer to $70 if you decide to buy a compatible sata card and flashing kit.

    Hard drive manipulation.
    Useful for some DLC/stuff sourced from some GOTY stuff (borderlands double pack, fallout 3 stuff, some oblivion stuff, some mass effect stuff and more) and profile sharing or indeed something like the glitched version of shadow complex.
    A method to hook the 360 hard drive up (xsata from datel, MS transfer kit or pull it apart and wire it up to your PC- annoying but free) and some software (usually xplorer 360).

    USB manipulation (pretty much the same as hard drives in what you get for it)
    USB drive and a copy of XTAF

    JTAG works well enough.
    Costs- assuming you have a parallel port on a machine you can use maybe $5 and parts you can score from your local electronics shop. The link explains it but this is only for older 360s and chances are you will not be doing it.