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    Chapter 299

    Kanchome has caught up with Mir and Goomu at Easter Island, and brought Folgore and the rest with him. Mir says that even though his power is incredible, he will still lose, and activates a spell that makes up darkness in different shapes. Folgore uses a spell that lets Kanchome have these tentacles come from him that eat up all the darkness spots.

    Mir is shocked, and asks Kanchome how he did that, and Kanchome responds by having one of the tentacles punch her leg. Goomu tries to make a space-time hole, but the tentacles eat that too. Mir realizes there's no hope and begs Kanchome to stop, but Kanchome tells her to shut up and punches her arm.

    It flashes back to Dufort telling Kanchome something about the tentacles. I'm not sure if this is true, but from the scans, it looks as if the tentacles have a consciousness, and if they absorb spells from nice mamodo, they are nice and Kanchome can easily control them, but if it's from an evil mamodo, they are hard to control and will take over.

    Kanchome then turns into a huge demon, and smashes Goomu to the ground when he tries to escape. Kanchome then talks about how he'll kill Goomu and Mir, and attacks, but Folgore goes in between the attack and Mir.

    Kanchome asks why Folgore is protecting the enemy, but Folgore tells him to stop the attacks. Mir then attempts to attack Folgore, but Kanchome's tentacles shoot electricity at them, and beats the crap out of them. He then uses a spiked ball attack, but Folgore takes the hit.

    Kanchome shouts at Folgore not to get in his way, and tells him how he's always wanted to use the power in the time where Kiddo got his book burned, or when Folgore is in danger. He then tells Papipurio and Lupa to run, and they do. Folgore tells Kanchome that he doesn't need to be like how he is to be strong.

    We then see a flashback of Folgore as a teenager, and he was a thug who beat up those who get in is way, and stole money. We then see Folgore's parents kicking him out of the house and telling him that he's a menace to society and would be better off dead. (He also mentions that he'll shoot him if he gets near them.) Later, he sees a Hippo helping out a bunch of homeless birds by giving them water, and wondered why a animal that big would help an animal so small.

    He then tells Kanchome that it's because some people need protection in order to get through the world, and years later when he met him, he vowed to protect Kanchome for the rest of his life. Kanchome says it's stupid and punches Folgore. However, Folgore easly blocks the attack by grabbing his fists, revealing some big muscles. He then tells Kanchome about how friendly they have been with each other ever since they met, and he wants to go back to that. Kanchome then changes back, and cries in Folgore's chest.

    Kanchome pawns all!!!
    except clear note
    And so, the battle is over. Folgore holds Goomu's book in victory, and Lupa and papipurio are safe. Kanchome apologizes to Mir and Goomu for what he did. Goomu accepts the apology with fear, but Mir justs acts how she usually does. Folgore uses the illusion spell so that Mir and Goomu are in a field with flowers. Goomu shows his nice side and plays with the butterflies, and lets birds rest on him. Kanchome draws a chicken on a stone for Goomu and Goomu is extremely happy with it. Mir yells at them, saying that if they let them go, they will still be their enemies, so Folgore decides to burn the book.

    Before he can, Vino appears. He casts the spell that shoots a beam that erases whatever it hits. Clear's hands come from the dimension thing, and it goes all the way to Italy, The group runs, but Kanchome and Papipurio's books are hit, and begin to burn. Both owners cry and say their goodbyes, and Kanchome tells Folgore that even though he'll be gone, he should still help Zatch. The 2 then have a very tearful farewell, and Folgore tells Kanchome that he's too strong to be bullied around anymore, and Kanchome says he'll tell the mamodo about the great star Folgore and disappears.

    Vino then leaves, and Mir is seen reaching the book, while Goomu looks at his stone chicken.