So you want all 24 boxes in Black and White?

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    Yo home dawq I heard you like to store Pokemonz so we added a reward system in the storage system so that you can earn while you store!

    No seriously, the burning question with all Black and White game players is: "Where are the 24 boxes!? Is the Anti-Piracy!?" The answer is; no.

    What you will need to unlock ALL 24 POKEMON BOXES

    -A Nintendo DS or Emulator
    -A Copy of Pokemon Black or White, or a flash card with ROM (If using retail copy, you need a DS LITE or below or a Japanese DSi)
    -Anti-Piracy Patch (Unless your cart/emulator auto-ap patches or you have a retail copy)
    -17 Pokemon (1 for your party, 16 for storage)

    Take your 25 Pokemon and deposit ONE POKEMON in EACH BOX. You will then notice that your box cap has expanded from 8 > 16. Now repeat the process until you have all 24 boxes unlocked.

    Go and purchase 16 Pokeballs then go into the wild and capture 16 Pokemon, use your stylus to then transfer the newly captured Pokemon to Boxes 2-8 and then boxes 9-16. Placing AT LEAST ONE POKEMON IN EACH BOX.

    Use the Press L or Press Select to clone.
    Clone a Pokemon 16 times, then place one in each box until you unlock 24.


    Q:I placed one Pokemon in each box but I still have 8!
    A:Did you exit the PC and then re-enter the Pokemon Storage system? It will not unlock till you have 1 Pokemon in each box and then exit.

    Q:Is there a cheat code for this, capturing 16 more Pokemon seems like such a hasstle.
    A:I don't honestly know, you could always check the GBATemp Cheats fourm.

    Q:Where can I find a ROM of Pokemon Black or White
    A:Do not ask for ROMs here, PRO TIP, search Google.

    Q:What is the total amount of Pokemon that I can store per save?
    A:Well let's see, there are 24 boxes that hold 30 Pokemon each, one extra slot with the daycare couple(Unless you want alot of eggs), six party Pokemon Slots, and Six Move Pokemon slots (Not sure if it stays there though.) That makes for a grand total of 733 till you have filled up the entire game. All I have to say is Good luck capturing that many! If you just wonder how many Pokemon you can store in the boxes alone then that is 720.

    Well I hope that clears up that question.
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    I would put this in the major thread or something because it is unlikely people would have noticed this issue this early through the playthrough of the game but as soon as they finish the game: everyone is going to ask this question.