So you find yourself in an unfamiliar location.

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    Hopefully this is not another of my failing at EOF threads.

    Anyway for various reasons I find myself in strange places and not knowing the layout of where I am at on a fairly regular basis, and usually with many hours to use however I please. I am however curious what others do if they find themselves in a similar position.

    In those cases I have no phone, GPS or even paper map, mainly because I do not care for such things. I usually then get busy walking or riding something if I have something to ride. Though I do not have a map I will usually have a compass on my keys and I can both remember the route I took and how far I have gone (turn 90 degrees four times and you have intersected your initial route if you keep walking). I know of few better ways of getting myself familiar with a new location.
    Others I have said the same to are horrified and can not imagine doing that for fear of getting lost somewhere strange.
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    The same as you If I get lost I can remember the way I came and go from there I dont panic or anything. Maybe its because I live in the city and its easier I could never imagine being lost somewhere else like a deserted highway or the woods but if I did being scared solves nothing.