So what's the most current version of the firmware?

Discussion in 'CycloDS' started by Dalrint, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. Dalrint

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    I'm running 2.1 but apparently there is a 2.3? Is it worth updating to? I think I remember something about the new bookmark stuff going away?
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    Yes, there was a 2.3 FW released over a year ago. Bookmarks are still there. All 2.3 did was fix a few more games. That was the last update TeamCyclops ever made to either of their carts.

    It seems that there were some people complaining of some issue or another, but I've never had any problems with 2.3.

    You didn't specify whether you had the EVO or iEVO, but the iEVO also added support for a sort of a partial DSi mode.

    See the original 2.3 release announcement and firmware download here:

    Be sure to get the correct update for YOUR version cart.

    As for whether you should update to it or not.....that's up to you, but I don't see why not. I mean, that firmware WAS released over a year ago, so either way you'd still have to manually patch newer games to run on the Cyclo anyway. It's just that with 2.3 a few more games should work without external patching than 2.1 had, that's all.

    Hope that helps you. :)
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    There doesn't seem to be any mention of removed features in the change log, and I don't remember that being the case anyway.

    What I'd suggest is that you make a backup of your files beforehand (as you should do before any update), then upgrade to v2.3 firmware. If for some reason you wish to revert back to an older firmware version, place that update file onto the root of the microSD card as usual, but hold DOWN+B when booting the CycloDS to force an update.

    The website I am linking to (CycloDS Revolution, an unofficial support website) includes a list of all firmware revisions, so you can upgrade or downgrade to whichever one you want. See 'Download > Firmware' in the top menu.

    2.1 Changelog:
    03 February 2011
    • Common
      • Added GUI screen capture option, for reviewers and skin testers. See readme for details
      • Fixed game compatibility regression with 0168, 0559 etc
    • iEVO
      • Moonshell is now supported in DSi mode. Please ensure that you download and use the copy of Moonshell v2.10 from the CycloDS website
    In addition, the CycloDS iEvolution users manual PDF file and a new build of MoonShell v2 are available.

    2.2 Changelog:
    03 March 2011
    • Common
      • Game compatibility fixes (DSi 0120, 5418, 5424, 5435, 5444 and more)
    • iEVO
      • Resolved MicroSD stability issue causing freezing in rare cases
    2.3 Changelog:

    20 May 2011
    • Common
      • Miscellaneous game compatibility fixes
    • iEVO
      • DSi mode is now supported on 3DS
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