SO what's a good converter or upscaller for 480i and 480p

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by deltax5, Jul 7, 2017.

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    I know the talk around town is the framemeister. I was even considering getting one even with the $550 Canadian or more price point on ebay. But thats for res below 480 i range and I hear it doesn't scale that well for 480i/p. So what is the best or better option for 480i/p for consoles like xbox, ps2, gamecube, wii.

    Im only saying cuz I was looking at newer 4k tv's and some seem to miss the old inputs (component, composite and s-video) and that is the reason I made this topic.
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    Framemeister. Look it up, it's pretty good.
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    Are you looking for an all in one or device specific?
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    I forgot
    If you want good, the only choices you have are the Framemeister and the OSSC, and since the OSSC is basically "made to order" (it takes 90+ days to have one shipped to you if you buy one, if it ships at all), the Framemeister is your only choice.

    If you want to play your older consoles and have them still look good, just invest in a decent CRT TV instead of an upscaler. It'll be infinitely cheaper, and you won't have to dick around with settings or profiles.
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    I think the scaling of 480p content on modern HDTVs of Xbox and PS2 games looks great. (You can force any PS2 game to 480p or even 1080i with GSM and Xbox games run in 480p too) For gamecube games i would recommend using a Wii with component cables or you get one of these fancy hdmi mods for your Gamecube. And if your tv doesn't have YPBPR inputs get a quality YPBPR to HDMI converter it works really well. (i use a Ligawo YPBPR to HDMI converter it looks better that my tv scaling)
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