So what PS3 game should I rent out?

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by ~De arimasu, Jul 29, 2008.

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    unreal tournament,cod4 (get sucked in the game and the online trash talk is fun), mgs4 (start the game in the hardest mode possibble and the cut-scene are way too long but if u skip it u wont understand anything),
    haveanly sword , uncharted.
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    No, users gave it a 5.4. The average score was 87.

    The PS3 have the smallest library though. But one thing we can agree on, is that the Wii is the weakest.
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    The PS3 actually has the most exclusives planned/released as well though. (ps3 exclusives list, planned and released) (xbox 360 exclusives list, planned and released)
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    Actually Lair had intuitive and easy controls if you're not swinging around the SIXAXIS like a baseball bat.

    I have gold medals on ALL Super Rub a Dub stages, and my highest ranking was a single digit (5 I believe, must have dropped by now though).
    So using SIXAXIS for playing Lair was a walk in the park. Took me some time to adjust, but definitely not like "OMG THE CONTROLS SUCK 5/10" Considerig there are people with multiple platinum medals, the blame is on users not the controls.

    I also tried playing it with my PSP as soon as I found out it supported remote play. Guess what, analog control was worse than tilt. Analog patch came out, but it came out too late to grab average gamer's attention (and as I said, tilt control was not a problem to begin with.)

    Whenever I write this kind of stuff, I get attacked. Just because I had enough exposure to tilt control prior to Lair and "actually played it and experienced it myself" opposed to reading reviews, people call me fanboy or defending Sony or whatever else.

    The game had high quality audio, which never gets mentioned in hardly any reviews.
    If some game runs at native 719P or 29.9fps, people are gonna freak out and bash the game because it runs at "sub-HD" and "below 30fps" but when some game features 7.1 high quality audio source nobody notices. (And how NOBODY has 5.1+ surround setup and EVERYBODY has 50"+ FHDTV)
    The gaming world has gone too visual heavy to the point if the reviewer likes the game, he can still give out 10/10 for sound even if the game didn't have any. Seriously, the only time a game gets good score on audio is when other aspects of the game is good (graphics, gameplay, etc) and when it gets low score on audio, other aspects of the game is bad or it featured crappy voice actors/resses.
    Audio is just one of the scores they tweak to give out a final score they want to give out. "out of 10 / not an average" when's the last time you saw a 10/10 game with 7/10 sound or 2.5/10 game with 10/10 sound? I bet never.

    P.S. I watched IGN's Super Rub a Dub videos, and I can totally understand them saying Lair SIXAXIS control is bad. It's because whoever was playing the ducky game obviously had his controller upside down [​IMG]

    P.S.2. I'm not trying to convince anybody to think that Lair is the best game ever, I'm just saying how people are eager to bury a game just because reviewers said so.

    P.S.3. If you really want to know what Lair is like, download Super Rub a Dub demo first. If you find it fun, SRaD full version is not expensive. Lair is just that plus dozen more buttons and maneuvers. If you find it annoying, having sucky controls, worst game ever, stay away from Lair. Quite simple.
    It's like saying don't buy a dog if you hate it, buy a cat instead (assuming you don't hate both).
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    Oct 27, 2007
    Very true. The PS3 has a massive future potential, because of the hardware superiority compared to the other two consoles. Now that the developers are used to making games for the PS3, there's gonna be a whole lot more games for the PS3.

    Still I like a lot of the 360 exlusives over the PS3. It's just me, not everyone.