So what do you like/dislike about Sun/Moon?

Discussion in '3DS - Games & Content' started by Demifiend, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. Demifiend

    Demifiend The bored one

    Mar 20, 2015
    The recent generation of Pokemon has brought us this game that changed some of the usual and traditional things from Pokemon, such as fighting Kahunas instead of Gym Leaders or having a legendary to evolve, for the first time in the series, but there were some things people like and dislike about these two particular games, what are those things you think are good and bad?

    Here's mine, for starters, I think getting Ride Pokemon is a very neat way to transport yourself across the regions, you don't have to rely on HM's slaves like in previous gens and you can use them in a variety of ways, I also like this tropical feeling the game has, of course for a region based on Hawaii, it is expected to have that. I like most of the Pokemon in the game, despite the majority being slow as molasses, almost if not all of them are pretty solid in their own way, sometimes extreme, the addition of Pokemon Refresh is for me an improvement over Pokemon amie, and the lore of the game was very good, the designs of the characters, the enemies and all were tremendously good, I especially like my boi Guzma! and the music, but all Pokemon main games have good music, so I guess is not much of a thing to praise, maybe?

    Those are what I like...and now what I dislike: the post game is lacking, is not as bad as X/Y but is not much better neither, finish the UB's missions and you're pretty done afterwards, rest is just fighting some random trainers with special traits or getting certain special items, the Red/Blue fight is good and a very good omen to the old past games, but other than you can fight with Red or Blue, the rest of it is very "meh"

    Battle Tree is very simple, but it doesn't come close to being as complete as a good ol' Battle Frontier from R/S/E or D/P/P, so yeah, the game feels veeery empty after you finish that and the UB stuff, another thing I dislike is the FPS, but unlike most people, I never minded neither the FPS on singles (that's fine after all, it doesn't get low) nor in doubles (it gets kinda slow, but I could live up with that, I don't really mind that much) but the worst part of FPS are noticeable on Battle Arena, 4 Individuals Pokemon spread with 4 trainers is just "lol, you 3ds is ded"

    It makes Battle Arena unplayable by any sane individual, I also disliked how they removed Super Training, yeah, the one thing you shouldn't have gotten out but they did is getting rid of Super Training, now you may think that SOS battles or whatever are good enough for EV's, which is good and also you're right about that, but Super Training gave you an easy way to keep track of your EV's while getting a possible way to raise them even if you didn't wanted to fight nor put berries or some items, furthermore, I'd rather have a simple and easy way to see how my Pokemon are doing when it comes to EV's than relying on a uncertain yellow chart, in which by the way, I need to check a single Poke every-time for that

    Festival Plaza is merely annoying, definitely not as bad as people make it out to be, but is not as fun as it looks either, is a minor "okay" annoyance, and the last thing I didn't liked was the removal of a National Dex, that's a very dumb move no matter where you look at it, even if the Pokes didn't had a new short summary about what they are (maybe copypaste old dex entries from past games or something) at least it was an easier to way to keep track of anything you have, since the Alolan Dex only registers approx. 48% of all Pokes available, that means that over half of them didn't got a dex entry, which in my opinion, is bad, just bad.

    There are some pokes whose abilities were changed for worse (poor Talonflame and its priority) and while I thought the plot was really cool, there were some stuff unexplained that shouldn't have been unexplained nor poorly explained, although I don't have high hopes, if a Pokemon "Stars" were to ever come out, I hope it fixes some of the FPS issues and getting more content in post game, or just more content for the whole game, I doubt they are going to bring back Super Training, but at the very least find a way to make EV's look fine.

    That's about it, my issues were merely personal things that another one may disagree or whatever, I don't care, feel free to disagree with me if you like, I think this game is very good but is not without its flaws.
  2. DarkCoffe64

    DarkCoffe64 Bo

    Mar 30, 2011
    What I remember (since I've played that game months ago):
    -Those damn S.O.S. calls. Especially when you want to capture the pokemon. MC must only have half brain to not be able to throw a ball at a specific pokemon.
    -New pokes having shitty stats, especially speed, and bad moves. Not that I din't care much, since I've still got to start playing competitively, but from what I've seen, lot of pokes that could've been amazing, nada.
    -MC being expressionless most of the time. Sometimes it was hilarious, sometimes it just bugged me. I mean, the MC of XY at least changed his face depending of the situation, but SM MC feels like he's braindead or something.
    -The game feeling unfinished when you get to Poni island. Like, you fight the Kahuna right off the bat, get a free z crystal instead of having to do a trial...
    And after the spoilery spoilers, off to the league. I don't know, the whole thing just felt rushed.
  3. astrangeone

    astrangeone GBAtemp Addict

    Dec 1, 2009
    I'm finishing up the game - finishing up the ultra beasts (I got mine via the gts to complete the pokedex first).

    What I didn't like:
    - New pokemon not being available on routes near the beginning. I play new Pokemon games to "catch them all", and the thrill of seeing new Pokemon is always fun...but it seemed to take three trials before we got to see "anything new".
    - I like the horde battles better than the S.O.S. mechanics. Don't ask me why but it feels like the horde mechanics go by faster - and they aren't quite as tedious.
    - the back of the box boasted seeing the Pokemon League being created in the region - but it just felt rushed! You finish the trials, save the world and poof, you go challenge the newly created Pokemon League...why?
    - the new Pokemon have terrible speed stats and are generally awful (I'm looking at you, Mimikyu!)
    - the shiny jingle/star is much less obvious - which sucks eggs. Seriously...

    What I Loved:
    - the new region, and how it starts off with Lily's story - running off with Nebby. It makes me feel like Pokemon was writing an actual story instead of the usual gunning for the "best" Pokemon.
    - the music is pretty crazy catchy. I love the Team Skull theme.
    - Team Skull's design makes me happy - I dunno, the goofiness caught me off guard
    - the introduction of the Ultra Beasts
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