So the use of game cards and microSDs may not be a problem speed-wise

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    Ok, before you say anything about the "source" of this posting, be aware that this was done with someone wanting an answer, but didn't get one, so he did the work himself. The question was regarding is using a microSD would be a problem when cards don't have as high a transfer rate as HDDs. So when he did his test, he found that microSDs ranged between SSDs and HDDs in a game scenario.

    Test involving Assassin's Creed Syndicate. SSD in computer, PS4 Pro HDD in USB 3.0 enclosure, microSD in USB 3.0 adapter, and loading a scene.

    SSD average: 26.37 seconds
    HDD average: 46.62 seconds
    microSD average: 36.14 seconds.

    My assumption for this results is based on games being made up of thousands (even tens of thousands) of unique files, and access time is causing HDDs to lag behind both SSD and Flash media when loading scenes because they are made up of so many different unique elements (even if the HDD can transfer large files much better than Flash media).

    This is just one example, so perhaps others might want to do some tests of their own with different games to see if they get similar results in storage order.
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