So new to the Wii scene and what not

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    Again I have a similar post to my DS post lol. I been out of it for quite some times when it comes to next gen systems, and I have ADD real bad lol. So I wanna lets say start with 5 must play Wii games and go from there. Which 5 should I own and play NOW? lol. I am still getting use to the Wiimote etc, ive been a old schooler when it comes to 2d Platformers and have already been playing the new donkey kong and Mario.... so suggestions? [​IMG]
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    5 games huh...

    mario galaxy 1 or 2
    resident evil 4
    house of the dead overkill
    mario kart wii
    zelda: twilight princess

    should do for a start but they are just 5 that came off the top of my head
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    Wii Essentials

    And if you by chance like football, definitely try Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.
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    5 platformers, eh?

    -New Super Mario Bros wii ("the new Mario" actually refers to Galaxy 2 nowadays...or even sports mix. sorry if you already have this one)
    -Muramasa: the demon blade. Lots of hack 'n slash with a more-than-average RPG element, but quite satisfying. and beautifull.
    -wario land: the shake dimension. Perhaps a bit short, but it has lots of hidden stuff.
    -Kirby's epic yarn. Except if you want a challenge, as this game is fun but waaaaay to easy (though honestly: I think you could actually pick up chicks with the line "hey wanna play co-op Kirby's epic yarn with me?").
    -Super Smash bros brawl (yeah, yeah...lots of fighting...but the subspace emissionary is far more than a minigame-addition).

    For runner-up, I'd say Super paper mario. It's fun and creative, but that paper mario thing never got the same smile on my face as a "real" platformer.

    Outisde the classic platformers, I'd go with Zelda, Okami or Super Mario galaxy (1 or 2). For on-rails shooters, I prefer sin & punishment 2 over house of the dead overkill, but that's mostly on preference (HotD is more grindhouse, S&P2 is more bullet-hell).

    If you have more than 1 wiimote, New super mario bros or mario kart wii becomes exponentially better.
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    Many great games already mentioned.

    For having fun with the Wiimote i would suggest WarioWare: Smooth Moves. It's a collection of fast and funny microgames.

    If you are looking for some over the top racing Excitebots is a good choice.

    For not so serious brain training, which is actually quite fun to compete with friends, there is Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree.

    Relaxing and chilling with some funky music as you jump around giving colour back to the world, there are the De Blop games.

    A party game which uses the Wiimote well is Boom Blox Smash Party.

    There are some choices, but the ones I have really played most are Mariokart, SSBB, both Galaxys, New Super Mario Bros and the mods of it, both Resident Evil Chronicles and Fire Emblem.