So... my 9.2 N3DSXL got wet, worked after rice, then just... died... any hope for a fix?

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  1. LoganK93

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    As said, my husband spilled an entire glass of wine while playing our 3DS. It was on and seemed fine, like we had saved it in time. As it was on the screen slowly started to flicker worse and worse, then the dreaded *pop* and power down. We put it in rice over night and left it for part of the day. Tried it and it wouldn't turn on. In frustration I tried it a few more times and it worked! It was on, working fine, and I was able to play... until I closed the lid. As soon as I did that, it powered off again, and now is stuck with the pre-boot pop sound, but I feel like if it was working that long (well over 24 hours) after being wet that it should be salvagable?
  2. proflayton123

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    Jan 11, 2016
    My guess is the battery, or the motherboard its self, not sure.
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    Nov 16, 2015
    should've put it in rice before you actually started using it....

    that pop is probably something on the motherboard that got shorted
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    Well it was already like, you know on when it got wet. We put it in rice immediately after and left it all night and day, and it actually had turned on again after that. It wasn't until putting it into sleep mode that it went back off and stayed off.
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    maybe you should have waited longer. If there is physical damage, return is the only option
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    I can fix it for you if you want to send it in for repair (send me PM)
  7. H1B1Esquire

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    Nov 2, 2016
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    Earth, bro-dude.
    So badly forgot to tell you: water is pretty bad for electronics (murrp dhurr). What's a little bit worse: sticky stuff like soda, HFCS-'juice', and wine. If you don't plan to send it in to anyone (from this forum), maybe you could get lucky by opening it up, start looking for black smudges, and maybe wine residue.

    If you plan to send it in to Nintendo....weight the costs...literally. Especially since BF is right around the corner. Maybe someone on this forum might sell you their system cheap or maybe they are looking for 3ds parts to finish an 'official' custom swap.

    Don't feel like you don't have options; at the very, very end (no dreams, no justice, no hope), maybe 'melting' the residue of wine from the internals might get you something close to 'werking'? Good luck.
    I recommend using a pencil eraser over tissue/clotch to clean anything on your boards.
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    yeah, reviving something.... Open up the 3DS, take off the motherboard and check for smudges and corroded areas, with some flux and hot air melt said flux over the motherboard enough for it to clean but careful to not send some little parts flying around the house, reassemble and change the battery, if you're lucky enough the console might work again, if not:

    1.- Some piece might have fly to it's freedom...
    2.- Some piece got damaged because of the water
    3.- some piece got desoldered and it soldered itself in another place (or soldered in place but it's not making contact)

    This method is not noob-proof, do it at your own risk.

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