So is there any hope for non-XL N3DS models in the future?

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    So far there have been the Animal Crossing and Pokemon bundles. And the Pokemon bundles are all sold out anyway. Is there anything upcoming that might be a non-XL N3DS bundle? (Hopefully one which can have CFW installed?)
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    They will probably keep them in special editions, from what I've heard the xl has been outselling the regular sized one by a landslide in Japan (almost 3:1 according to this pdf cited on Wikipedia citation #44 plus attached) and that's why they haven't come. I bought my animal crossing one new about 3 weeks ago now and it came with 9.8 on it though, they're certainly doable.

    It really is a shame, I wish I could go to the target and buy faceplates, but importing them isn't hard, and now I have a n3ds that doesn't need region change fiddling AND fits in my pocket. Huge upgrade from my o3dsxl, this feels like what I really wanted from a 3ds. Especially considering how much I love snes.

    If you want a normal size one, I recommend just go for the animal crossing one and buy some faceplates off amazon or eBay (someone on eBay has custom plates based off of the super famicom n3ds LL I might get at some point, but I just got the oras translucent plates).

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