So I'm sending in my hard modded Wii...opinions?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by xzdazedzx, Dec 20, 2009.

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    So here's the situation guys - I have a first gen Wii that I soldered a Cyclowiz modchip in the first Christmas of release. Everything was good to go until a mislabeled Mario Kart disc that was PAL instead of NTSC semi-bricked my console.

    Now, I'm pretty accurate when I do things, but every time I took the SoB apart I lost another 3 screws and something got a little more bent. When everything is closed up, it looks great, though.

    The moral of the story is, somehow in the midst of me trying to fix it, my disk drive has become FUBAR and it needs to be replaced. I have actually ripped out the modchip and switch, but the remains of being cracked open many times still remains. If you look at the board, you can tell that the pads look modified but no damage on the board itself.

    My question is, after doing a full delete on the console and pulling out the physical chip, would you guys feel safe sending it in for repair? I don't mind paying for it at all and going legit. When I modded it I was still working as a bartender trying to get through school and now I'm comfortable and buy all my games. I just want to make sure I won't get fined/sued for modifying MY BOX =P - gd lawyers and their grey BS

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    if you've deleted all homebrew etc and took out the chip as long as you put all the screws etc back in properly it should be fine to send in. if it out of warranty though you will still have to pay to get it fixed. use this story though: i was updating to 4.2 and there was a power failure and it bricked my wii [​IMG]
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    well what i would do (and have done) is just go to walmart, buy a new wii, and swap the case. if the bottom of your wii still looks good, just switch the upper part of the case. but since what you describe sounds like it can be fixed by booting a game with a newer update, i would stick the modchip in there and autoboot a newer game with the right region. you can just "borrow" a wii from walmart to get the drive to autoboot the game and take it back when youre done. and you will get to keep your bootmii-able wii. nows a good time since its the time of year everybody will be taking shit back. the poor sap at the counter will just be trying to get you out from in front of him quickly.
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    DOP-IOS MOD will happily fix the semi brick if its still an issue. Install IOS60 v6174, and the system menu 4.1 for your region.

    The defective drive can be replaced yourself. Drive price varies depending on the chipset you want for it. D2E, D2A and DMS are usually more expensive ($79+) than D2B and D2C (around $50).

    If you do send it in, you might get a D3-2 drive though, or a different console altogether. It may also come back with 4.2, or not be able to run bootmii as boot2. It depends if you care about what might come back.

    You can do what giantpune said as well, although there might be a D3-2 waiting for you in the walmart box.