So I'm having a bit of trouble writing the rest of The Bound And The Broken.

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    I've basically completed the beginning, and I know how I want it to end, as well as some of the elements for the middle, but every time I brain storm for it, I come up rather short on content to span a novel-size entry. Perhaps I could just make it a short story, but that would end up rather hollow. There would be way too many time skips, as the story itself is supposed to span from the beginning of this strange, prehistoric world to it's futuristic, apocalyptic end.

    I was wondering what you all would do in such a situation.
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    1. Write it as a novella.
    2. Write each chapter to encompass a certain part of the story. This way, even if the next chapter is after a time skip, it would not be disruptive to the overall flow.
    3. Write it almost as a serial, with each part encompassing certain stretches. This way, you can write each part chaptered so it doesn't feel scrimped. This is essentially a more extreme version of suggestion 2.
    4. Take a break. Sometimes, it just isn't there. Some ideas, like wine, get better with age.

    Also, feel free to discuss even the smallest concerns over at the guild. GL HF with the story.
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