So i went from 3.55kmeaw to 3.41(modded) to 3.40 OFW to 3.41 O

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    Hey guys wondering if anyone could help me out here, at first i was on 3.55 kmeaw and i was happy, but then i heard about Oblivion mods on the ps3, so i wanted to do it i spent 3(legit) days trying over and over with different mods, but the only one that worked was the "ESMHES BODIES v2". I even tried downloading a different Oblivion, some may have seen it, i put a link up and it was already modded. But unfortunately it didn't work for me. but i dont want to give up so after reading forum after forum, i realized that i just have to have firmware 3.41 and jail broken (which i had before i went up to 3.55 kmeaw). so i followed this guide to show me how to downgrade and i was successful to downgrading from 3.55 Kmeaw to 3.41 OFW (or the ps3 says i am anyways haha). Anyways i jailbroke it again with the "psgroove.hex"' on my AT90USB1287 board, so HERE'S THE REAL PROBLEM. I tried installing multiman 2.03.00 full but it said the BDEMU.BIN is missing so i tried installing BEDUM2-355 (but that obviously didn't work since i am on 3.41 OFW JB and not 3.55, tried 1.16.00 full, but it said it couldn't find the BDEMU.BIN, so i went and downloaded an older multiman (1.13.00 mega) but that didnt work either....and now i dunno what to do neither do i remember what files i used back then when i had my ps3 jailbroken to get back up games working. I know i seem crazy to do all of this for one game, but i want to do this and if you guys could me i would greatly appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance [​IMG]
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    download the BDEMU.BIN package and install package. (using jailbreak 4.1 CFW, then reinstall OFW 4.1)

    Everything will work now. Also look into the 3.66 spoofer (only works on specific CFW) which will allow for newer blu ray playback. Some new blu rays have as firmware requirement.

    google it.

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    Why would you want to go back to 3.41 ?
    If the game work on 3.41 it also work on 3.55.

    If it's a 3.41 game, it will work on both 3.41 and 3.55.
    If it's a 3.55 game, you will have to decrypt the eboot.bin to play it on fw3.41

    First, BDEMU is needed only if you are using a dongle without a payload. (all the dongle had a payload, either PSGroove, PL3 or Hermes) so you don't need BDEMU at all on 3.41+dongle.

    If you really are using a dongle without a payload (it's not the case, you are using psgroove), then you will have to install BDemu v2:
    There are two version : a signed and an unsigned package.
    3.41 is unsigned, 3.55 is signed.
    install multiMAN v2.03.00 and then (not before) BDEMU-341.pkg if you are using a hack which allow unsign content (I think all 3.41 does, and Kmeaw 3.55 too)
    If you are using a hack which require packages to be signed, install BDEMU-355.pkg
    You don't need anything else.

    You can follow this guide to install multiMAN with BDEMU.
    To decrypt the eboot (if you are staying on 3.41 instead of Kmeaw 3.55), either follow this chapter, or see this other guide.

    You should just go back to Kmeaw 3.55 if you don't need to be in 3.41 (development, homebrew testing, etc.)
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