So I was thinking of buying this HDD, but no I'm not sure

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    there's nothing on the 500GB model on the Wiki but this is what it says for the 320GB one.

    "Only works if the whole drive is formatted in FAT32 by a 3rd party app(Fat32Format), and then WBFS is installed from the pc as well. In order for the loader to see your partition, hook up the USB but leave the drive unplugged. Boot up the wii and plug in the drive in the HBC. The previously reported issue was incorrect, as long as you follow this process you can also connect the drive to a Vista pc to add/delete isos"

    Is this outdated/wrong info? Because right now I'm using a 16GB Verbatim Flash Drive and everything works great, the drive when i first put it in my Wii was formatted in NTFS and USB Loader detected it, formatted it to WBFS and I haven't had any problems with it at all.

    I want to get this HDD because it looks good and matches the Wii nicely, plus with 500GB I'd have a FAT32 200GB partition for ROMs and crap and the rest would be formatted in WBFS for the USB Loader.
    Would that work with this HDD?

    I could also get one of these I guess
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    Please help! I asked the same here a few days ago, but I got no answer.
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    I own this DD (320go too) and it works great.
    In order to use it with USB Loader, I just created two partitions in FAT32 (with GParted) and then I formated the second one in WBFS, so yes you can have a partition with your Wii Games and the other one with what you want. The cable (Mini-B plug/A plug) is about 14 inches long (35cm). Power is only through a USB port.
    You can turn off the "sleep mode" in order not to have any problem with the Wii.