So, I want to make an NTR cheat plugin to change what buttons do in Smash Bros

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    So I mainly play the 3ds smash to practice my combos and approach, etc when I am away from my Wii U. I have started to get into the Bidou tech and its really improved my game a lot. I would love to have this be possible on my 3ds. I looked around and there isn't much of an immediate way to do this, but I figured wrtiting an NTR plugin would work.

    I found this

    It looks to be a template of a cheat plugin that essentially has button memory locations. I would like to do something like if I am holding L then the c-stick nub is a direction and the b button. (Look up bidou tech to get an idea of what I am talking about)

    So basically, is this sort of thing feasible, and am I on the right track? Would anyone else be interested in this sort of thing? I could probably use advice while doing this.